Work Hard Love Hard

I am lucky enough to have spent the last weekend on Kiawah Island at the Sanctuary resort in South Carolina. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My mother, a former Dolphin queen, aspiring lawyer at University of Illinois, and American Airlines stewardess, graduated number one in her class from Loyola University. My father, a lawyer, is a bronze tablet at University of Illinois. They have three children: my sister, a retired Venture Capitalist, my twin  brother a lawyer in South Carolina, and me (cough, cough). And, between the  three of us, they have six grandchildren. Love, respect, commitment, and honesty are what kept my parents together.  They taught me to take every leap of faith, never regret, and “play the violin, don’t let it play you.” We had an amazing family vacation filled with beach time, frozen miami vices  both virgin, and non, mojitos, amazing wine, canon balls into the pool,  unbelievable food, tennis, and love.  This weekend was very cathartic for me. I thought I was happy being single for  the past few years, now I recognize that I want what they have. 

Final thought: every conflict has a solution. Look for the solutions.