Who Gives You Butterflies?

Its a Sunday in New York City. People are out getting coffee, walking their dogs, working out, and meeting for lunch. When you have two kiddies, Sundays can either be a easy relaxing at home day, or it can be an adventure day. We chose an adventure day. We had lunch at Extra Virgin in the West Village, and jumped in a cab uptown to Natural Museum of History to see the “Butterfly Exhibit“. First you go into a vivarium which is 90 degrees. Once you are in, there are butterflies everywhere, even some on people’s heads. Seeing these beautiful butterflies made us think how beautiful and erratic their movements are. Where are they going in such a rush?  I made butterfly boxes for my girls at Evolution in New York City, for I am obsessed with nature, it’s the Midwestern girl who spent hours at the creek coming out. And now, my girls had a up close and personal chance to observe and respect the beauty of nature. And speaking of butterflies, if someone gives you that feeling listen to one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, “Butterflies”. I shared it with you in this post, enjoy..because everyone deserves to feel a flutter.