Project Sunshine


The greatest thing that has come out of being on a reality show is the platform to be charitable. Before when I attended charities I was replacing my husband who they really wanted to be there. I’d sit in a pretty dress that wasn’t mine and not eat dinner (for I had eaten with my kids) and I’d wait until it was close to dessert and leave. No one cared if I was there or not, or when I arrived or left. Now, I can make donations and am eager to support the charities that mean something to me. So, not only am I having fun and learning about new programs, I am able to contribute something, too.

Project Sunshine makes you want to give. A little time and a smile mean more to these children in hospitals that anything else.  The parents get to take a breather while their child is finally amused by a new friend who just wants to color, read, or play a game.  No strings attached, just fun for a moment. For those who believe that we create our own memories, making a child smile has no price and the memory lasts forever. Thank you Project Sunshine for the amazing event. The room was filled with a lot of love. Let’s try to get America’s landscape colored with love and not cynicism.

Those who walked the “yellow” carpet with me where Eli Manning, Tori Praver, Abigail Breslin, Jesse Palmer, John Legend, David Diehl, and Helen Ficalora. And Ace Greenberg, the head of Bear Sterns, showed me a very clever magic trick. It was the most fun I have ever had on a “yellow” carpet.

Let the sunshine in!