Prada’s Pajama Party

Prada wants you to fell relaxed this resort with a cool and easy pajama pant look. They even have gorgeous pi’s that are real pjs that can be worn out for those who can’t wait to crawl into bed. Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa told me at Art Basel, that my pjs were cool.

The ultimate stamp of approval is by an adoring designer,and we all know Franciso doesn’t fool round when it comes to compliments. I decided to pull out the pjs one more time before the holidays and wear them to the screening of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where even Kristen Wiig, my favorite actress of all time, paid homage to my pi’s. Its a look, an old guard. “I don’t care if you think Im wearing pi’s for I am” kinda look.

Happy Holiday and if you are going to get cozy, do it in style.