My Weekend


My weekend is ever changing, and always spontaneous. Sometimes i wish i had a life that was consistent, but that’s not in the cards for right now.
First stop was Barrys Boot Camp. Im obsessed. It feels so good to work all of my muscles, I didnt even know i had. I’m in love with Joey who makes me work so hard, and jam out to amazing music. Its one hour I dont regret. I showered in two seconds and scarfed down my favorite Dragon Bowl from Babettes in East Hampton.

CWonder invited me to their new store in Southampton to sell my new book ‘I Can Make You Hot’. It was such a blast for their store is so colorful and fun. And they made me a monogrammed bag that I am obsessed with. Monogram anything and everything. Its a great way to personalize what you love, like jean shorts. I then headed Bridgehampton with my girls and at the party there was a pizza truck. Only in the Hamptons do they have pizza trucks that stop by your house, whatever happened to the icecream man who came to our house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I loved him. Sunday was a really fun day packed with paddleboarding, fried shrimp from the Clam Bar, and icecream from Scoop Du Jour

Hope you had a happy weekend, send me your picts of your weekend!