My Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I love long weekends for it allows me more time with my family and friends. This weeking while I spending time in my house in East Hampton. I enjoyed my typical weekend. I started the weekend with Barry’s Bootcamp which worked muscles I didnt even know I had.

Then I spent the day at Wiborg beach and watched my girls surf in the refreshing water. We headed into East Hampton and Rugby was offering free icecream to everyone who came by. That Ralph Lauren family is a class act. I had an amazing eveing with my friends at my house and celebrated my new book I Can Make You Hot with Hypnotiq and Polar delicious sparkling waters: Im in love
with Pina Colada and Mojito.

I then took my friends to Surf Lodge, Rushmeyers, and Liars for a few beers and a lot of laughs. Sunday I took my daughter paddleboarding on Sag Pond. In the 1800 there were gondulas floating around that were shipped in from Venice Italy, and today they have paddle boarders like me and my daughter. And the beach is crawling with crabs which were so fun to try to catch.
We then went to Cyrils and feasted on calamari and fun drinks.

On our way home a run down Further Lane always relaxes me, so we went for a gorgeous jog as the fog rolled in and the red sunset started to set. The girls wanted the Blue Parrot and icecream at Scoop du Jour and that was our evening.

Thank you Hamptons for another beautiful series of amazing memories. While we are remembering those who sacrified their lives in service for fellow Americans, we also need to make as many memories that we can cherish as possible. Make good decisions so you can nuture amazing families and bonds.

Happy Summer, Love