My Day Of Fun At The Florence Fuller Child Development Center

Being a mom of two girls, I know the importance of giving your kids the best opportunities to grow and learn. I’m very passionate about working with organizations that focus on children’s futures, and the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center  in Boca Raton does just that.

The high-quality early education programs offered at the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center fills a niche for economically struggling parents who have limited options for making the most of their children’s immense learning potential while giving them a foundation for success in school and in life. For all children, innovative socio-educational experiences improve academics and language, as well as help them become more emotionally adjusted. For less fortunate kids, programs like those provided by the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center , have been shown to provide significant differences in their lives, not just while in school, but for decades later.

It was such an honor to visit the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center to meet and play with the little kiddies! They are so lovable and reinforce why children desperately need the opportunity to obtain early education programs. Plus, it was down-right fun to hang out with some energetic kids for the day! (Loosing your adult inhibitions and acting like a kid every once in a while is good for your soul, too!)

My experience at the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center was so positive. Not only did I get to witness smiling little kids get their day brightened with a hug, but it also did a wonder on mine! I’ll always be a fan of centers like the Florence Fuller Child Developement Center because no child deserves to be stuck at home watching TV when they could be imagining, challenging their minds, and smiling all the way there and back.