My 4th of July

This 4th of July was about milestones. Sea had an internship at uberchic clothing store @blueandcream. ‘ I love working,’said Sea. ‘Its what inspires me right now.” She takes her beach bike everyday in between training for swim team and surfing to make unique one of a kind Havaianas in East Hampton. As per usual, I continued to work out at Barrys Bootcamp with my new bestie, Joey. His workouts have really made me feel strong all over, and more confident. And, we made smores every night in my fire pit and caught fireflies. Love you Joey for giving me the energy to enjoy my life to its fullest with no regrets. I took Teddy to a Talent Resources charity polo classic where she said hi to family friend, Countess Luann and Jacques, and tried a virgin Mulberry drink.

She also met polo player Nick Rolan and warned him of the horse poopers. We then visitied my best friends new home thats converted into a barn they found from Wainscott. Its so amazing how creative my friends are, and how appreciative they are of the gorgeous Hamptons. Sunday is always Funday. I took the girls to Montauk Lake for paddleboarding, tubing, and waterskiing. This was a natural lake which became an inlet to the ocean when architect, Carl Fisher took dynamite in 1938 to the natural lake and made it into a now gorgeous ocean filled with amazing sealife, hobe cats, fishing, and waterskiers like me :)

To top off the weekend, we stopped off at Scoop du Jour for an icecream. At home, we made a delicious pizza from Italian Specialities. This is how we spent our 4th. Make as memories as possible. Send me your 4th photos. I cant wait to see what you did.