“M” Is For Movie



My girls and I were invited to celebrate the 9th Tribeca Film Festival started by Robert Deniro and spearheaded by uber mom, Jane Rosenthal by attending the Premiere of “SHREK Forever After“. We love going to the movies, but going to the movies and meeting Antonio Banderas, the voice of our favorite character “Puss In Boots” put us over the edge. It rained, we didn’t care, for we got to meet the man behind the furry body and cool (thigh high) boots he wears (and oops!… Ultimately rip). The movie is funny for not only the kids, the adult humor is priceless. And if laughing together wasn’t enough, we all felt like cool Brooklyn beatniks in our 3D glasses. Thank you, Tribeca for having us and for being pioneers in the film industry. Big thinkers make change, fodder creates despair. Think big, really big.