Let’s Get Spirited!

Every holiday season is filled with bedazzled trees, champagne flutes, packages perfectly wrapped to get torn apart, kisses under the mistletoe, sweet smelling food, and of course spending countless hours in front of the television laughing with the Grinch, Frosty, and Charlie Brown. Some of my favorite things don’t cost a lot of money. You know my motto, “if it’s good, it’s good and if it’s not good it’s bad.” People ask me all the time what kind of perfume I wear, what kind of soap I use, what kind of eye shadow I’m wearing, so instead of giving you a Christmas wish list I decided to clue you in on some of my favorite things… Okay and a couple of wishes too!





feeding america






Ready, Set, Give!

This holiday season isn’t bright lights and champagne flutes for everyone. I recently visited the Food Bank for New York City warehouse and soup kitchen. Yes, Obama’s stimulus package helped to fill the Food Bank this year, but the year is almost up. One dollar creates five hot meals. One book opens a child’s mind and allows them to dream. One toy puts a smile on a child’s face andallows them hours of time to escape reality.

So yes, I have an entire list of fun gift ideas for this season, ranging from feather necklaces to yummy Peppermint soaps, but I also have a link toFeeding America. If it’s hard for you to work with your local food bank, this organization is a great one to give to. Instead of spending money on that bag of Doritos, send those 2 dollars to Feed America and help stuff hunger! Click on my “donate” button and let’s all work together to give a huge donation. On January 5th 2010 I will take all the money raised and write a check to Feed America. Let’s make this huge!!

Giving is so much better than receiving. It fills your soul with a kind of love like no other.

So let’s give a little more this season.

Happy Holidays,