“K” Is For Khiels



In the East Village of New York City lives a ROCKIN apothecary and has since 1851. Yup, last night I went to celebrate the green initiative Khiels has launched with such uber faces as Pharrell Williams and Jennifer Lopez. I have been Khiels obsessed since I was 19. It’s every makeup artists secret haunt. From killer lip balm, to my new obsession essential oil “pour homme” that smells like SEX. Khiels also has oils, lotions, potions, and even equine shampoo! I am obsessed with the sun free self tanning formula, amino acid shampoo and conditioner, and of course anything with cucumber. If you join Equinox Gym, you can also shower daily with Khiels as an added bonus. Oh, and did I tell you about the awesome tees that are Terry Richardson inspired, they sell those, too. In case you were wondering.


All this, in the spirit of lip balm