I Am Obsessed

I have known Helen Ficalora for many years now.  While I was the Editor of Elle Accessories, I was always hunting for the coolest accessories outside of the box.  One day as I walking down the street from my apartment in New York City, I noticed that a new shop went into what was the old Rescue Beauty Lounge. I walked in and saw all these hammered pieces of jewelry that were rooted in an old guard quality, but had an element of feminine Bohemian quality. I bought and “s’ and “t’ monogrammed circle charms for my girls and then decided to buy more charms for my closest friends to remind them of their children everyday. 

From that day on, I have been obsessed with Helen. Originally from Montauk, New York where her family owned the BREAKERS Hotel, there is something deliciously contagious about Helen and her jewelry. Her sensibility is timeless and has a keepsake quality to it. According to Ficalora, her ” focus on technique sets her apart from other contemporary designers. Her jewelry is more than adornment; it brings to life Ficalora’s philosophy of harmony with the environment. Her commitment to beauty pays tribute to the ethos of Louis Comfort Tiffany, using color and texture to luminous effect.” 

Her smile, genuine love of her craft, and those who wear are incredibly unusual. It is usually Helen who is there selling the jewelry whether you know it or not, and that make her even more amazing. She made me a special signet ring for the passing of my favorite horse, and fixed my stunning sapphire necklace so I could wear it everyday, and made me a Mother’s Day necklace with my girls that has a few of my favorite things: kids and horses. She even encouraged me to reset my engagement ring stone and wear the diamond, which was give out of love. I feel truly lucky to be exposed to such amazing and truly talented people.