Happy 4th Of July

Here are some fun summer tips to make your 4th even better.

1. Add green apples to your guacamole for that crunch, or use apple slices
instead of chips.

2. Take a something monogrammed as a special gift to your host. Its always nice
to be thought of.

3. Buy from local farm stands and bring fresh corn or ripe tomatoes instead of
potatoe salad.

4. Use tea or lemonade as a base for your drinks. Sweet tea and vodka ala
Palazzo pool in Vegas is amazing, or channel my book ” Can Make You Hot’ with
fresh blueberry’s in lemonade and Hypnotiq (or put in a blender for cooler fun)

5. Smore’s can be a gift thanks to C Wonder. Bring Smores as a gift and get your
dessert on!

From my family to you, Happy 4th.

P.s. Drink responsibly for I care about you :)