Halloween Fun

Halloween has two faces. On the one side, I love to dress up and have a little fun with my friends. On the other side, there is nothing cuter than watching my kids enjoy the art of trick or treating. My oldest daughter used the seasoned choice of a pillow case. She did ask if it was ok, for she thought it was too expensive. I chuckled to myself that my daughter is savy enough whether items are expensive or not, and that she was concerned for it . Go, Sea!


Teddy on the other hand was carrying what looked like a handbag. Although, its Halloween, she always wants her look to be right and ladylike. Go, Teddy!


Halloween is a fun family outing where we walked all around New York, even ran in architect Richard Meier on his way to a Halloween party, we collected tons of candy, and checked out the 6th Avenue Halloween Parade, which was incredible. GO, NEW YORK!!!! 


Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!