Cheap Ways to Go Green


-Unplug all of your appliances – saves electricity (and $$)

-Set the washer to COLD – save 50% of energy than that of hot water

-Turn down the heat – for every degree lower, subtract 5% of the bill

-Use cloth napkins instead of paper. I like mine monogrammed!

-Cancel your newspaper and read the articles online, don’t want to cancel? Give your old papers to your local animal shelter

-Recycle  – duh.

-Share your magazines, pass them along to someone else after you’ve finished

-Take the stairs instead of the elevator

-Throw tennis balls in the dryer to speed up the time

-Request E-tickets

-Pay your bills online

-Can you check your email from your phone? Email don’t print

-Bring your own coffee mug to get your morning cup of java

-Borrow a dress from a friend instead of buying a new one

-Shop thrift stores

-Buy local as often as possible – find where the closet farmer’s market is

-Don’t drink bottled water – buy a reusable water bottle

-Can’t bike to work? Clean out the trunk of your car to lighten the load and gas used