What’s Next?

Everyone keeps asking me what’s next. I don’t like to count my chickens before they are hatched, so I have been keeping a low profile until TMZ “outed” my new jewery line. I wear what I make, and here’s a sneak peak of me at the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale in my YSL sunglasses, Tomas Maier bikini, and my new jewelry( cuffs/earrings). Hope you like the new line. It will soon be available on my onlineshop, so stay tuned.

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Simon Spurr

He’s been spotted working with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent, until Simon Spurr decided it was time to create his own line – SPURR.

The City of London, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and (Klein, Lauren, and Slimane, under whom  Spurr worked) are among
the smokin’ hot 34-year-old’s influences. 
Since the brand’s 2006 debut, Spurr has been honored as one of the ‘Best New Menswear Designers in America’ by GQ and the CFDA, and DNR,  gave Spurr the ‘Editor’s Choice Award for Best New Label’ .  His leather fall 10 mens pea coats and suits are amazing. Actually all of his collections that I checked out at Blue and Cream,  looked hot. 
I know just the man who should walk with me wearing Spurrs designs, do you?

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KKB On Sunglasses

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Eco Celebration



YSL model and artist Maria Snyder invited supermodel Alek Wek and I to the Eco Boys and Girls Launch celebration at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. It was there, my daughter and I got to see the presentation of the new characters Maria has created to encourage children to be more aware of the environment from ‘Lulu love’, to ‘Ernie Earth’, peace and recycle characters. Children will now see the world differently. Who knows, the favorite child word “mine” may be replaced with “ours”!

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