Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays – From my family to yours!

This past year has brought so much good into my life and I’m thankful for everyone (including my fans) who have shared it with me. Although I’m sad to let go of another wonderful year, 2012 has so much in store. My book “ICANMAKEUHOT“, will hit bookshelves in Spring 2012 and my philanthropic ballet flats, which will raise money for Breast Cancer research, will be available in-stores in Fall 2012. Also, look out for the January and February issues of AVENUE Magazine, where I have recently began working as the guest Editor. In between these new projects, there will be a couple more surprises, but I can’t reveal too much right now! Just keep your eyes open for another amazing adventure with my girls and I.

Thanks for all your love and support this year!

Tweet me your christmas pics to @kellybensimon …

xo Kelly

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Happy New Year !

This is the year of 11!

If you say, 11 11 to someone it looks like you are saying “I love you”.  “In the Spirit of 11. 11.11″…. I love all of you all !  11 11 for watching me make mistakes and learning for them, 11 11 for being interested in that which I love my family, my animals, my amazing friends, my incredible creative partners in work, and all the unbelievable organizations who have graced me with what good efforts really are. Go with love, and live every day like its your last.

11 11,



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Merry Christmas!

Sea, Teddy, Bear, Fluffy, Chief and I wish everyone a happy holiday season. Live each day like it’s your last. Merry Christmas!

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