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Is it true that Im actually a housewife who cooks, cleans and does laundry? You can move me to the big city, but you can’t take the Illinois out of the girl. No way, no How!. Im even known my Chrome Hearts designer Richard Stark as lawnmower for I mowed my parents lawn as a teenager. My lawnmower of choice is electric for it takes up all the excess debris. And Im a fan of the Toro weedwacker. I digress. I love to wash my own laundry. One tip is not to use the pods for small loads of laundry. Its like using a big glop of soap on your hands. All you need is a little. and try to use a simple rinse versus a full hour to be economical and not to abuse your clothes. When I was a model in Paris, I used to do my laundry in my nicest clothes for my cozy clothes were being washed.

For floors, I suggest to use a teaspoon full of Clorox bleach mixed in with your floor cleaner. I also use hot water for the floors and a few drops of lavender on the floors. You can wipe out the doggie crates with lavender to calm them and to keep them from making an accident on the floors. And for the prettiest floors drape a warm rag over a mop to create a bigger sweeping area. It keeps the lines away and the shine to stay. Word has it that Tide is tying out a Tide laundromat? Could be good, but always dress for the man you want, you never know who you”ll meet at the laundromat.

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Making Storage Space in Apartment

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Rachael Ray Show – The Real Housewives Of New York

Watch how The Real Housewives of New York , each give their own special ideas about useful tips that may help you on the Racheal Ray Show. Kelly gives tips on how to make your own memory chair for your children.

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