The Bikini Book

Kelly Bensimon


Yes, I wrote the Bikini Book (Barnes & Noble) by Assouline publishing , the 400 page tome all about the super sexy swimsuit.  The biggest summer issue is what bikini to wear.  As you can see, I make bikini mistakes too ! The pink Eres bikini is too small on top, and too big on the bottom it is almost falling off my hips.  It doesn’t help that these are paparazzi pictures and the photographers are not always kind with lighting, or angles as they are trying to take pictures of me on vacation with my kids at the Fountainbleu in Miami.  Regardless, I am willing to amuse you with my own mistakes.  The Paisley bikini actually fits the best, because both the top and the bottom are just fit to be small enough. The hunter green Tomas Maier is the hottest bikini, except for the fact that it is a bit big on top and almost exposes too much. The white La Perla suit is hot for tanning, but is white and difficult for many to wear.  The green Eres is fun, and also great for a day at the beach with the kids. Basically, I like you………. have bikini blunders, too!
Here are some hot tips even I need: 
-Smaller is better
-JCrew sells the best mix and match bikinis
-When in doubt, stay with one color unless you have confidence to wear patterns
-Bikinis are for the fun girl, don”t be shy!
-You may or may not like the way I look in a bikini, but the memories I have made wearing a bikini are priceless.
-Put the “i” in Bikini and have fun!

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South Florida WNBC


Traveling with two kids definitely makes my job fun. They love the tv sets and are so excited about everything. Kids bring so much joy. My segment which lasted 4 minutes was basically that. I wrote “The Bikini Book” (Barnes & Noble)  so a lot of people interview me about the Bikini.

Bikinis: you are never too old, but is your body?

Ask your best friend for their opinion, curves are hot, but make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear and that everything is tucked in (yep, I’ve made that mistake)! J Crew makes great mix and match sizes because no two women are alike, thank god. Go smaller. Show those curves, nothing is worse than mistaking a bikini for Spanks. Janzten has a cool inexpensive new retro line which can shape your body into a glamour girl. KKB fav’s:  Melissa Odabash Tomas Maier,  and Eres.

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