Shape Magazine – Kelly Killoren Bensimon “In Her Own Words”


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Ringing the Nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the September cover of Shape Magazine was major. To grace the cover at 43 was an honor and then to promote it at Nasdaq, the lover and admirer of the pioneer and entrepreneur, was EPIC.

I’ve always beat to my own drummer and done things the untraditional way, and  I have taken many leaps of faith, never looked back, always stayed true to myself, and maintained integrity. Making mistakes is what life is all about, and I’ve made a lot. One thing that is constant is that Ive always remained respectful to myself, others, and to my body. Have fun with what life brings you, and treat your body like a Ferrari.

Thank your David and Jennifer for having me open the market on Sept 1,2011.

I will never forget this day as long as I live!

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Micah Jesse Interview – KKB’s Top Fall Fashion Trends

Kelly Bensimon shops at the Exclusive Linea Pelle Collection Shop at Henri Bendel / PHOTO: Albert Ferreira/StarTraksPhoto

When she’s not getting dragged into cat fights with her cast mates on “The Real Housewives of NYCKelly Killoren Bensimon is shopping, searching and finding the most “fab finds” from the Hamptons to Hollywood, so we asked our cele BFF to share with y’all some of her most favorite fall fashion trends — so that you can get ready for the next season in true fashion!

Alright, Kelly, tell us what’s hot this Fall…

Sky High Heels — In Red: I love Manolo Blahnik, and not because of the reason you think. My dad, when I was 20 years old, bought me my first pair from Neiman Marcus in Palm Springs, Ca. For me, Manolo Blahnik is a rite of passage. I felt like a woman.

Lace: I love lace either vintage or new. Opening Ceremony took my kind of spin on lace and created a see through lace dress. Pair it with a black slip and you are alluring and sweet. Aww.

Purple is the New Neutral: Linea Pelle’s over the shoulder messenger bag sold at Henri Bendels screams Moroccan chic, the origin of hippie chic: rich, effortless, well travelled.

Tight Capris: JCREW is making me fashion crazy with tight capris. With a tee shirt, a tight turtleneck, a lace blouse, or a white button down, JCREW’s ‘Minnie’ capris don’t channel anything but hot,chic, and sexy. Duh!

Color is the New Color. Dolce and Gabbana’s hot pink satin dress leaves nothing to the imagination. Its boxy in shape, and accentuates every movement you make. Fluid, sexy, and eye catching. Make em wonder…

Black Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend: Carlos Souza’s jewelry collection that fuses color, travel, and expensive hard to find beads. Wear black diamonds with a tomas maier bikini, or pair a long beaded strand a la 20s with a drop waist dress.

Rock it Out. Ugg’s new knee high suede clogs take the rocker and mellow her out. She’s not head banging, she’s chair dancing and not missing a beat.

Thanks, KKB! Great tips!

Also, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Shape Magazine (featuring covergirl Kelly) where she compares her body to a Ferrari (we couldn’t agree more!) and follow her on Twitter @KellyBensimon!

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KKB’s Workout Playlist


“Just Can’t Get Enough” The Black Eyed Peas

“2012 (It Ain’t the End)” Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj

“Love Games (Dave Aude Radio Edit)” Lady Gaga

“Take It Off (Billboard Radio Mix)” Ke$ha

“Written in the Stars” Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner

“Not Affraid” Eminem

“Where You Wanna Go” Mischa Daniels featuring J-Son

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Cover of “Shape Magazine” – September Issue

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