Kids, Dogs, Horses

Sea and Teddy Bensimon are thinking big….really big. They raised $143 by themselves for Animal Haven with a clever idea, a hot cocoa stand. It was cold outside in New York City, but Sea and Teddy were more concerned about the future of the adoptable pups than the cold.I was such a proud mom that day. Go Sea and Teddy.

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Halloween Fun

Halloween has two faces. On the one side, I love to dress up and have a little fun with my friends. On the other side, there is nothing cuter than watching my kids enjoy the art of trick or treating. My oldest daughter used the seasoned choice of a pillow case. She did ask if it was ok, for she thought it was too expensive. I chuckled to myself that my daughter is savy enough whether items are expensive or not, and that she was concerned for it . Go, Sea!


Teddy on the other hand was carrying what looked like a handbag. Although, its Halloween, she always wants her look to be right and ladylike. Go, Teddy!


Halloween is a fun family outing where we walked all around New York, even ran in architect Richard Meier on his way to a Halloween party, we collected tons of candy, and checked out the 6th Avenue Halloween Parade, which was incredible. GO, NEW YORK!!!! 


Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!

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Tween Time

“How do you make a kids room into a tween room”? Color. I added hot pink to Teddy’s room, and a shocking green rug to take my 10 year old room from a kiddie room into a tween room. I bought her a cool modern lamp from Crate and Barrel , some art from an artist on the street and she’s ready to get creative. For Sea, I painted her walls a soft purple. We put her painted surf board up, some of her art work, a cowhide rug from Williams Sonoma home outlet, a colorful glass Crate and Barrel lamp, and her butterfly collection. Her room looks cool, but still has that youthful touch. Inspire your children, don’t foster obsessions for them to be adults. Coloring and decorating with what you love makes any room reflect the person. Decorate with what you love.

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Give Local Yard Sale

A few weeks ago, I bought my daughters new beds to update their bedrooms in New York City. What was I going to do with all these beds? Then I started looking around. Uh oh! The girls and I decided that we needed to have a yard sale. So, we asked Georgica Creek Antiques in Wainscott if we could have a yard sale there. The girls needed poster boards, so I went to the Container Store, got some poster boards and storage boxes, and then started the process. The closets, the basement, the toys, the kid’s clothes, the furniture. Whatever we didn’t use, went to the sale. Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund came and brought beautiful dogs they saved, the girls had their lemonade stand which profited the East Hampton Library, and 100 percent of my proceeds from my yard sale are going to Island Harvest, “The work of Island Harvest is clearly essential to combating hunger on Long Island.” – Dr. Pearl Kamer, LI Association Chief Economist. To donate to Island Harvest . I am so proud of my girls for donating their time, to Georgica Creek Antiques, and to all of my friends who helped me so much. We had a blast and did something good for someone else unsolicited.

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Robin Hood Foundation

What do lemon aid and charity have in common? When it comes to kiddies, they are putting their money where their mouth is. Children across the Hamptons are donating their time and the proceeds from their lemon aid stands to support the Robinhood Foundation, which targets poverty in New York City. At Bridgehampton Polo last Saturday, children raised over $1800 in less than two hours. That’s something to be proud of.

Go kids!!!

Click here to DONATE NOW to the Robin Hood Foundation

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Blue & Cream

Last weekend, Blue & Cream celebrated with Kelly Killoren Bensimon, who unveiled  her new feather jewelry line at the Hamptons boutique. Joined by her  daughters Sea and Teddy, Bensimon debuted her exclusive charity  earrings, featuring Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers, with 100%  of the proceeds benefit Feeding America.  Guests including The City’s  Roxy Olin, Kelly Klein, supermodels Chanel Iman and Eniko MikhalikAndrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict and Blue & Cream owner Jeff Goldstein  feted the designer with cocktails and conversation at the East Hampton store.

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Rescued Right Back!


We adopted a rescued a laborador mix from Animal Haven, who was brought from Missouri from Pilots and Paws.  At first, my intention was to get a big dog for my girls for protection while we are at the beach. Last night, we all slept so soundly in my bed, Sea, Teddy, me, “Fluffy”( Havanese), “Mr. Bear” (Jack Russell), and “Chief”.  Thank you Animal Haven for finding us a beautiful dog who we love so much.

We rescued “Chief”, and she rescued us right back.

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Birthday Cupcakes For Sea!

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