The Couch – Former “Real Housewife” Helps Out After Sandy

Kelly at the telethon for Sandy victims on CBS.

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No Stars at Night!

The only bad thing about living in New York City is that you can’t see the stars at night. I love New York. There is nothing more magnetic than the city at night. From a bird’s eye view it seems as though the city is one big shimmering celebration; whether it’s the windows of an office late at night, the headlights of a taxi, or the street lamps on a tree-lined street, it becomes understood why this is the city that never sleeps. Streets are filled with people from all walks of life. People sit and wait for friends while others stroll and sip their lattes, some walk overcome by emotion either laughing or crying about someone or something. And, there is always that one person who catches your eye and for whatever reason makes you stop and think about the more important things in life. That’s my New York. Family, friends, fun, music, movies, theatres, the Rangers, the Knicks, the Yankees, the Jets, dive bars, night clubs, amazing restaurants, unbelievable schools, luxurious hotels, and more baby strollers packed into one island that you could ever imagine.

But, you can’t see the stars at night.

I just got the chance to spend three days with my kiddies in the Hamptons while observing Martin Luther King day. Whether it was riding a bike, cleaning the car, moving their furniture or just watching them eat popcorn in bed after they took a shower, I realized that no you can’t see the stars in New York, but I can see the future in my daughter’s eyes.

Thank you Mr. King for paving the way so that every child is given the opportunity to make a difference.

Whatever it takes, I will do for my girls. I will do everything in my power to help them be the best they can be.

In the aftermath of the devastation Haiti currently faces, we need to learn from this tragedy and create awareness. Always donate to the Red Cross. They need you everyday, not just in crisis.

Let’s all see the possibilities and show the rest of the world who Americans really are. We protect and serve.


In lieu of must haves:

Red Cross

Feeding America

American Diabetes Association 

Hale House


City Harvest

Urban Zen Foundation


Charity Water 

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