Celebuzz! – Bridgehampton, New York On August 26th

Kelly Bensimon with her 2 beautiful daughters Sea and Teddy at the final game of polo for the season in Bridgehampton, New York on August 26th, 2012.

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My Summer Vacation

For my summer vacation, I do what I love. Riding has been a sport I’ve loved since a teenager. I love everything from brushing the horses to walking them after we jump a course. Every horse I ride is like a pet, I admire their athleticism, and their ability to adapt to different riders effortlessly. Not sure I’d be as nice having many riders on my back, though I do have a lot of people “riding” me daily about Housewives drama nonsense.

I have to admit, I love the uniform, and the integrity that goes a long with the sport. I wear Lacoste fitted shirts or Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tailored Sportsman pants with stretch.  My riding boots are off the rack from Brennen’s Bit and Bridle in Bridgehampton. If you’ve never gone riding, I hope I inspire you, and if you like the look, go and wear it. Life is about enjoying. Either way, here’s a sneak peak at my summer vacation.

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My Polo – Mercedez Benz Bridgehampton Polo

I will never forget the inception of Bridgehampton Polo. Neil Hirsch and Peter Brant decided to bring polo to the Hamptons, and Mercedes Benz was going to be the underwriting sponsor. It was a rainy day, but these polo playing, financial wizards knew they could bring the incredible sport to the Hamptons. I held my first charity event there for Hale House. At the time the charity was committed to helping infants afflicted with HIV. Dennis Hopper, Stephanie Seymour, Peter Brant, Gilles Bensimon, Neil Hirsch, Julian Schnabel and I,  all went to the rainy polo field and auctioned off autographed jeans while Neil and Peter and their pro polo players played polo.

Today, the polo matches are not only fun to watch, the tent is know for its huge party scene. For me, polo is about the altheticism of the horse and the agility of the rider. And, if you can help a charity by using the sport as a vehicle, go for it. It’s fun to be apart of the process, by coming out to stomp the divots. My girls love that.

What Is Polo?

A polo match lasts about 2 hours and is divided into 6 timed periods called chukkers. The object of the game is to hit the ball down the field and through the goal posts to score. During half time, spectators go onto the field in a social tradition called divot stomping.

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Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge 2010

Every summer the Mercedes Benz Bridgehampton Polo draws a crowd of polo watching lovers, major sponsors, and now….those who love to mingle and meet anyone single under the tent. It’s even drawn reality stars like Kourtney Khardasian and her baby daddy Scott Disick to see whats hot on the field and under the tent. This season, I am filming my first episode for my new show on Plum T.V. , where I take you behind the hedges and through the luxurious and incredible landscapes, and also to some of the best fishing sceneries in the world. While the polo goers were chatting up a storm, I was interviewing and sweating in my vintage Halston. Some say the rich & famous come here to vacation only because rich gets richer. But its the magical light and sunset that makes you stop your car that lures us all back. Congratulations to all the polo players, sponsors, men and women who really dress to make polo what it is today. I was there when  the first match launched.  There were 100 of us there at that time, now there are thousands.

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