My Summer Vacation

For my summer vacation, I do what I love. Riding has been a sport I’ve loved since a teenager. I love everything from brushing the horses to walking them after we jump a course. Every horse I ride is like a pet, I admire their athleticism, and their ability to adapt to different riders effortlessly. Not sure I’d be as nice having many riders on my back, though I do have a lot of people “riding” me daily about Housewives drama nonsense.

I have to admit, I love the uniform, and the integrity that goes a long with the sport. I wear Lacoste fitted shirts or Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tailored Sportsman pants with stretch.  My riding boots are off the rack from Brennen’s Bit and Bridle in Bridgehampton. If you’ve never gone riding, I hope I inspire you, and if you like the look, go and wear it. Life is about enjoying. Either way, here’s a sneak peak at my summer vacation.

Posted on August 11, 2011 by , under HOME


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