Do Valentines Day A Little Differently…


So many people dread this lovey-dovey holiday… so why not make it a day to enjoy this year? Don’t push the commercial ideas but take this February 14th as your day to indulge and relax. It’s a Sunday, that’s a great start already!

Here are some of my ideas for you… enjoy with your loved one, girlfriends, or alone! Just enjoy the day!

- Create personalized M&M’s and pass them around

- Dress up in your favorite lingerie

- Paint your nails bright red

- Wear lots of black eye liner to vamp it up

- Spray perfume in your hair to make the scent last

- Send balloons to someone as a fun alternative to flowers

- Skip the email and write an “old-fashioned” love note

- Buy nostalgic candy as a gift

- Wear something girly in your hair for the day

- Take a weekend trip to get away

- Make brunch! Make the most of this special Sunday

- Make a coffee date

Kelly's Valentine's Day Ideas
Kelly’s Valentine’s Day Ideas by jbandy featuring Monsoon accessories

Posted on February 6, 2010 by , under HOME


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