Met Loves Models



The Metropolitan Museum of Art  held an amazing lunch to tribute the models of Versailles in 1973. That fashion show featured american designers like Stephen Burrows and Oscar de la Renta who showed the worlds stage what “cool” looked like. No backdrop, no models holding cards with numbers on them, just Liza Minelli singing, pregnant Donna Karan dressing models, and clothes which were supposed to be made for inches and made in European cm. Still with all the backstage chaos one word comes from that show, cool. Even Hubert de Givenchy  recognized that americans are cool. Simple, straightforward dressing, beautiful african american models, short cropped hair, and tons of attitude.  It gave me goose bumps to hear the anecdotes at the Met in the Temple of Dandor.  This moment struck me as so amazing that I wrote a book all about it called American Style.

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2010 Femmy Gala














As the host of the 2010 Femmy Gala for the Underfashion Club, the esteemed comedian, Hal Sparks who like me, is also from the Chicago area, introduced me. We had a Chicago accent twang fest and had a blast. The evening was magical and I was impressed by how “intimate” the intimate apparel business really is. They are warm, hard working, and so much fun. The recipients of the SAIG awards were so grateful and completely deserving. The talent in the intimate’s world is mind blowing. A little secret, I have two over flowing drawers of undies. I am an underwear officiando.

I was so proud to be on stage and honored to be a part of the Femmy Gala, although I must admit, my own bra strap was falling the entire night!!!

More to come!






And My Awards Go To…


Just Plain Fabulous: Chantelle and Oscar de la Renta  intimates

Best g-string: Calvin Klein

Best push up bra: Felina

Best fun panties: “Trashy Lingerie”

Hottest lingerie store in New York: Kiki de Montparnasse

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