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At Bagdley Mischka were every model looks like they are ready to receive an Oscar. I loved the muted florals, and the even the white trousers. The black and white heels were too die for, my eye was obsessed with them. Back stage, it was like a 90s supermodel reunion with Nikki Taylor, Petra Nemcova, and Chrissy Tiegen with her finance in tow. Sitting next to me was a designer from London who was inspired by American Classic evening gowns. I was so impressed that Europe is looking to America for inspiration.


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Mathieu Mirano

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NyFW 1

NYFW has started and everyone is already exhausted. Why? The parties are almost more exciting than the shows. Well not really, but its been a blast seeing everyone after such a long summer. So while the kids are back to school, we adults are ready to have a blast and see wants hot for the new season.

Son Jung Wan was a breath of fresh air with very feminine lines for the season, and a pop of yellow. I go to wear an amazing yellow dress that looked fairy like. I added my own touch with an Azzedine Alaia belt to give it a hard and soft edge.

Rebecca Taylor got $4 and the collection looks like it with mens and womens wear mixed, amazing metal and leather booties, and style that is sophisticated and affordable.It was fun seeing Nigel Barker there and the cast from HBO “Girls”.
The Dior party at SAKS was filled with Jessica veil and fashionistas and bloggers. I went with a white cut out Azzedine Alaia to the floor gown and belted it to give it a was it and more chic appeal.

The MAC party inspired by Antonio at Odeon was spirited and filled with Sophia Coppola and Kelly Osborne among the fashion and beauty elite.
Mathieu Mirano was an incredible presentation filled with red and skins. His designs are making fashionistas crazy and everyone in the tents were asking me what I was wearing.

Congrats to Mathieu. Check out his video.

More to come as always.

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@ Alice + Olivia

Stacy Bendet has done it again. The Spring 2014 was sophisticated, quirky, and expensive. My daughter, who was my sidekick, loved a lot of the looks especially the shorts looks and the butterfly handbag. Its time for Spring even thought its fall with patterns, crisp white, and tons of metallic peeking through. Abs are the new breasts and the cut outs are everywhere.

So, get to the gym.

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The local Hampton’s based lifestyle clothing boutique Wampum is expanding this summer with a new store in Coney Island and a mobile truck (Pictured). The new locations will go well with the already established shops in SoHo and Bridgehampton.

The Wampum brand and stores grew out of the skate and surf culture of Montauk. If you are seeking a new and fun way to be active this summer Wampum is the perfect place for you. The stores are stocked with boards fit for everyone from kids to adults.

The boards, in addition to keeping you in shape, offer a great means of transportation on the busy roads of the Hampton’s. If you are commuting to the beach but do not have a parking pass a board is the perfect way to get there.

If you are new to skateboarding and do not know how to ride a board yet you do not have to worry because Wampum offers lessons. We can get you up and riding on your new board in no time just make sure to stop by one of the shops and inquire within.

If you would like to learn more about Wampum you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @wampumny for updates.

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MET Ball 2013 Punks Out

The Costume Institute has gone all out thanks to new halls donated by the incredible Tisch family. And what better way to celebrate than with the anti fashion fashion, PUNK.

I even in the late 80s had a punk moment for Halloween where I wore a plastic bag and dark eye makeup and travelled my neighborhood carrying a pillow case filled with candy. But PUNK isn’t a joke or a Halloween costume, its the breakout from stereotypes and a reflection of the ultimate angst. It can be hot and sexy and dark or honestly a little scary with multiple piercings and anger infliction/ mutilation/ defamation.

For me the hottest looks this season that didn’t go “costume” where JLo, Beyonce, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, and Gisele Bundchen.

The Met is my sanctuary and filled with inspiration and history. Blog about what you love and hate, and make opinions like crazy
On your way out, check out the exhibit and walk through the sculpture garden.

Thank you Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda for your incredible vision and anthropological look at fashion.

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Kelly Bensimon Takes Inspiration From Schiaparelli & Prada

Photo Credit: “Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations” Costume Institute Exhibition at the Met. (Getty)

With Memorial Day approaching, what to wear this summer is on everyone’s mind. My inspiration comes from the new exhibit from the Met’s Costume Institute: “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” about Italian design icons Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.

I was in love with the show and its styles – from mixing masculine and feminine, to layering, to unusual textures – and it made me think about what everyone needs this summer to be chic. A la Prada, a long or tea length skirt is a must-buy. By showing off less skin, let those boys’ imaginations go wild at the beach or at the bar. Channel Schiaparelli by choosing a shrunken sweater – I love Ralph Lauren’s.

Schiaparelli also loved the charm of a pretty woman in a dress, but gave the look an edge. I say, this summer choose a gorgeous floral dress, but wear it with Keds or ballet flats instead of a heel. And, last but not least, when in doubt, play with patterns like Prada, who’s known for mixing prints.

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Madonna’s WE Premiere

Photo by


Wearing Alice and Olivia at the WE premiere. Madonna got teared up at the premiere as she spoke of true love. It’s still attainable, guys. You can have a fairytale life and meet the man of your dreams. You have to believe in yourself and have self respect,and he will find you.

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Am New York : Bringing All-American Glamour Back


This week, I shot the cover photo for my upcoming book — “I Can Make You Hot” — which St. Martin’s Press  is releasing in spring 2012.

For me, being “hot” is having confidence and taking leaps of faith without regret. For the St. Martin’s art director, Ervin Serrano, inspiration came from some photos taken by Seth Sabal, which evoke the new all-American girl: great hair, great smile, fresh feeling, and an easy and relaxed look.

All this book-cover image talk got me thinking about bringing the idea of the iconic all-American ’70s “Breck Girl” (of shampoo-commercial fame), back to the streets of New York in a modern way.

Some of my favorite pieces for reinventing the “Breck Girl”: H&M sequin styles, a fedora by Theory, Rogan’s Svelte Skinny Jeans, Prada oxford loafers, ’40s-inspired sapphire-blue silk blouses from Calypso St. Barth, and or red patent Repetto ballet flats (which my ex-husband got for me on his trip to Paris – so thoughtful!).

When wearing these styles, fashion lovers, make sure you always channel cool .

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Ringing the Nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the September cover of Shape Magazine was major. To grace the cover at 43 was an honor and then to promote it at Nasdaq, the lover and admirer of the pioneer and entrepreneur, was EPIC.

I’ve always beat to my own drummer and done things the untraditional way, and  I have taken many leaps of faith, never looked back, always stayed true to myself, and maintained integrity. Making mistakes is what life is all about, and I’ve made a lot. One thing that is constant is that Ive always remained respectful to myself, others, and to my body. Have fun with what life brings you, and treat your body like a Ferrari.

Thank your David and Jennifer for having me open the market on Sept 1,2011.

I will never forget this day as long as I live!

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