Birthday sleep overs mean no sleep, but a lot of fun!

First of all, all of these 11 year olds and I wear the same brand of sneakers CONVERSE and say,”hilarious” all the time.  And, we all listen to the same music, but they know the lyrics better than me, and, they don’t say “whatev’s.”  So FYI, that’s out. I honestly had a blast with these little girls and was so impressed at how savvy and curious they are.  Being in 5th grade is a great grade. I was nervous that my daughter’s party wasn’t going to be cool enough. 

In my sleep over party panic, I tweeted for help. As usual my Twitter  followers who are so savvy and creative came up with a huge list. So, I decided to compile the best ideas they came up with for you. I bought them the Worlds Largest Gummy Bear ( from Limelight Mansion), which was a huge hit, even with me, and we made Mother’s Day cards and chair dancing.  Here are some of your great ideas: spa party, beauty makeover, talent show, American Idol pop star party, runway show, dance party with fairy lights, make your own pizza and sundeas, inexpensive beads and jewelry making, decorate teeshirts or pillow cases, taco night, high heel races, and  decorating cupcakes.

After all the sugar and popcorn, I tried to go to sleep.  At 2 a.m., I told them, “Sleep” it seemed the appropriate word to say. At 8 a.m. , we went to  Starbucks and got ice cream drinks.

 Thank you Twitter followers for all you coolness and for making our night a blast.

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Mother’s Day


To all the mothers out there I congratulate and commend you for rearing our future. It’s a big commitment and responsibility. Having children made me a better and more curious person. I am grateful for whom I have become because of my girls. They are a gift.

Congratulations all of you uber mamas. Here’s to us!

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How We’re Celebrating Mother’s Day!

Us Magazine

US May 7th, 2010

The ladies of the Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey recently popped by our office and dished to how they’ll be spending Mother’s Day Sunday.


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