Fashion Week Blog IV

Wednesday was my last day of fashion week at Bryant Park for I am off to Vegas for the opening of Elvis Cirque De Soleil in Vegas and a Playboy and book signing at the new Assouline store in the City Center.

I had a radio tour, which you basically talk to different radio stations in every city (how flattering!!!) to discuss Playboy and quickly got my hair blown out by uber stylist, Bradley Irion, who used Vive pro mousse by Loreal to make my hair shine (4.99).

I hopped a taxi, ran into the tents as the Anna Sui show was almost starting, and sat in my front row seat. Across from me was my dear friend and Andy Warhol muse, Baby Jane Holzer who is a great friend of Anna and Andrew Bolton, associate curator at the Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum of Art. We all watched and were amazed at how well researched Anna’s bohemian collection was. From her amazing fragrance, accessories, and effortless hippie chic dresses, Sui knows her market. Supermodels strut down the runway in dresses that 60s rock icons Marianne Faithful, and Anita Pallenberg wished they could have worn.

I was so proud to wear one of Anna’s dresses. What an honor it is when the designers as you to wear their clothes.

As I left the tents, I ran into Tim Gunn. I was originally suppose to be on a fashion tv show with him before I was asked to ignite the 2nd season of RHNYC. He complimented me on Playboy and went as far to say that I was the new sexy and that he’s buying Playboy. I was so flattered by his genuineness.

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