Mom’s Night Out!


When I have a free night, I love to take my girls to see the what I call is the tapestry of the city: culture, sports, and charity. Its Tuesday night, and that sometimes means “Lets go, Rangers.” This game was particularly amazing for VIP area of Madison Square Garden is brand new and looks like what I call the ‘Madison Square Garden Country Club’. We ate chicken from Jean George, lollipops, cappucinos to die for, soft serve ice cream, and sushi before the game. Of course, we feasted on popcorn during the game.

When in Rome…My youngest daughter tried everything. I mean, everything. And then if hockey and watching a fight with Sean Avery isn’t enough, Teddy sat near some of the “Gossip Girl” cast members. Chase Crawford she said has “good hair”. Even our fashion sense was commented on. Teddy wore a faux fur from Juicy Couture, and mustard dress from J Crew, while I stayed warm in Haute Hippie rabbit fur and a teeshirt.

We may not be the typical Rangers fans, but Im grateful Im able to show my girls how amazing New York City is. And the Rangers won: 4-3.

Just another night in the big city.

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Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber came to Madison Square Garden. This is what Bieber fever looks like.

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Lady Gaga- Madison Square Garden

“I sat in that row way up there,” said GAGA,” and I saw Cher, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and I thought to myself one day I’d be on this stage.” And GAGA’s wish came true, just like in The Wizard of Oz ( which she used as a storyline), GAGA clicked her platforms and got to come home to Madison Square Garden. Her costume changes by Zoldi were clever, playful, and artistic. GAGA is more than a music sensation, she has a healthy message: “Respect people for their choices, and live life to the fullest. Living well is the best revenge”.

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BNP Paribas Showdown For The Billie Jean King Tournament



Pinch me. I was invited by Madison Square Garden and Venus Williams to receive the first ticket for The Billie Jean King Tournament back in November. I have had the honor to know both Venus and her sister for quite some time now. I was so excited to introduce Sea to such an accomplished athlete. And now I am sitting on the floor of Madison Square Garden watching probably one of the most amazing athletic performances of my life. While wearing a diamond ring, Venus exhibited athleticism and professionalism. To be honest, I am going to be even more grateful for every opportunity that comes my way. I was inspired by Venus not because she won, but because she has more integrity than any woman I have ever been exposed to. It’s not about press, it’s not about media attention, it’s about hard solid work. These are the leaders of tomorrow, not those who manipulate the media, but about those who work really really hard to accomplish their dreams.





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