The latest and greatest craze in hair is not color, however feathers. Recently on my last visit to L.A. ,  I went into the Drybar where they gave me a little bit of fun with my blowout. No, it wasnt champagne, although they offer that too. I got three feather extentions added to my hair.
Its cool, its sexy, and its fun. Just another way to make spring come a little faster.

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On my trip to L.A. , I decided to bring my girls so they could see the places I love. We ate at the Ivy, walked Robertson Blvd. , drank Coffee Bean’s delicious frozen drinks, and my girls got tinsel in their hair at Drybar ( I got three feathers).

Even on our way to Disneyland, we all had Coffee Bean. Disneyland was more than we expected. We got to create memories filled with laughter, beauty, fantasy, and a little fear. My daughters loved everything from the teacup ride to the scarier rides. We were able to save these memories and reflect on them every morning,  because we bought fun and huge coffee cups, which  help make mornings a little more manageable.

We then hit Katana, where Kim Kardashian has filmed a lot. My girls were eager to have a Kim sighting. The fried rice sushi with spicy tuna is what put me off  the delish food charts. There is a reason why we all  love L.A.

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Watch What Happens



Are you ready, I mean really ready? As of February 15, 2011, The Real Housewives Of New York are going to be on Bravo, Tuesdays at 10pm. NBC invited all the talents to Los Angeles for the TCA’s (Television Critic Association). I got to meet SNL’s Amy Poehler, hang with Tori Spelling, talk burgers with celeb chef Bobby Flay, reminisce about Australia with Brian Curtis, and hang with The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. For all you fashion insiders who wanna know, I wore BCBG white eyelet dress to press interview, with a colorful Victoria Secret bra. And for the red carpet, I went with a  little black  Dolce & Gabbana dress, and added two of my bracelets from my new collection to give it more of a New York edge.

Are you ready for some HOUSEWIVES????

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Koi Restaurant

Now, everyone knows how much I love Sushi. Since Koi Restaurant moved to New York, I am obsessed. Normally I go to Koi Restaurant in Los Angeles,  where every movie star who’s on a “secret date” gets photographed or while inside, its a table hopping experience. I feel a foreshadowing of  things to come for Koi Restaurant in New York. Delish Japanese food, and eye candy for days, that  is if you like celebs. If you don’t, there’s a deli down the street.

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Car Obsessed Part II

Me and my rented Mini Cooper during my trip to Los Angeles.


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