Clover Canyon

Once upon a time there was a designer who made the hottest surfer inspired dresses in neoprene. The company is Clover Canyon and the line is loved by celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and even me. My favorite dress is the full length neoprene. And I love the beach scenes.

Whats yours?

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KKB and KK at Hpnotiq Event


Down to earth Khloe Kardashian (KK) is the new face of  Hpnotiq. My girls and I are huge fans of the K’s and Khloe is our favorite. So when I was invited to the Dream Hotel to support her, I went. And what did I see? Khloe in her tight dress had a killer body. I admit it here, I had “butt envy”. I workout tirelessly and I’ll never have a tabletop like hers. Congrats Khloe on your new gig and on your DNA.

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Kraziness & Khloe


When I am not Super Mom and driving the girls all over the city to their activities, I am in the press mode for my March Playboy cover and the new season of RHNYC.

I was invited to a Three Olives vodka party hosted by Khloe Kardashian. It was a rainy cold night and the girls wanted me to stay home for a popcorn party and french quiz (I test them in french as a fun way to keep the language going), but I went to the party for a quick hour after they went to bed. I posed with oranges (not hot guys, yes oranges) and spoke to press about RHNYC. Everyone asks me the same questions. The plots of RHNYC are hilarious, but I don’t like to speak ill of the other housewives for I don’t know them out of filming and it’s not fair to judge off a filmed scenerio. So, I always keep quiet. Thanks mom and dad for the good breeding. Oof.

I walked over to say hi to Khloe and we spoke about her family and Miami. I was then interrupted, and instead of trying to compete, I excused myself. Sometimes, it’s just not worth it. Thanks Khloe for having me, and we will definitely have dinner when you get back.

Btw, the Three Olives cherry is so yummy and potent. Nothing worse than cheap watery alcohol. This, I would actually drink again.

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