AmNY-KKB “Get Ready For Fall Shopping Season”

Photo credit: Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 Fashion Show (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

Kelly Killoren Bensimon – model, fashionista and author of the book “I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet” – dishes out style advice to amNewYork’s readers.

I know that colored and printed jeans are huge for fall, but I’m worried I won’t look good in them because I’m not stick-thin. Any suggestions? I love colored jeans – they are the new “It” pants. Pair a colored or print jean with a tight neutral top or sweater, and wear a bright shoe to match the jean to draw attention to the color. If Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce can wear colored jeans, so can you. Embrace your curves.

What are the must-have items for the fall? I love bulky sweaters from Stella McCartney, velvet dresses from Bottega Veneta and anything tweed and wooly from Ralph Lauren. Equestrian pieces are also huge – go for tall boots. Also on my fall shopping list: shirt dresses from Thom Browne and polka-dot Manolo Blahniks.

My hair is so bleached out from the summer. Any tips to get it looking healthy again for fall? I’m in the process of taking care of that exact issue. Warm your hair with a toner, and use Oribe’s conditioning creme on wet hair to soften summer’s sun damage.

What beauty looks are you loving for fall and how can I realistically incorporate them into my everyday life? Quinn Murphy, a celebrity makeup artist, always tells me to use a softer shade of brown under my eye and to line my upper lid with a shade darker. It creates a sexy eye without creating a goth eye. I love Too Faced’s cream blushes, too. They make your cheeks look fresh and rosy.

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Kelly Killoren Bensimon #51– Celebuzz’s 101 Hot Bodies

Spending years as a professional model – a career completely dependent upon physical appearance – Kelly Killoren Bensimon has graced the pages of top fashion mags like Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. The former Real Housewives of New York City star keeps in shape by adhering to a no-excuses daily exercise routine that includes jogging outdoors, and by eating healthy six days a week. “Make Sunday your ‘funday’ and eat whatever you want,” she advises readers in her recently released book, I Can Make You Hot: The Supermodel Diet. The 44 year old mother of two doesn’t deprive herself of rice or sweets, saying that healthy eating is all about body awareness. “Every single time I’ve tried to do something different, such as give up carbs or give up meat, my body rebelled,” she admits. “Your body has a voice…you just need to listen to the signals it’s sending and respond appropriately.” Credits/links for shoot Photography: Coleman-Rayner | Makeup: Nikki Star | Hair: Kristin Cicala | Styling: Kira Coplin Location: London West Hollywood | Fashion Credits Look one: Maverick Top and Thalia Bottom in Onyx / Surf by Kore Swim |Look two: Bandeau top and Ringside bottom by Vineyard Vines | Look three: Andie Triangle Cognac Bikini by Charlie by Matthew Zink

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Voted East Coast Cool: The Hamptons’ 10 Most Stylish

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, model and author of I CAN MAKE YOU HOT

While many may know Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York, she’s actually been a Hamptons staple for years. From her dogs to her children to her equestrianism, it’s clear that the Hamptons is Kelly’s home — and where this low-maintenance boho-beauty can truly be herself.

“If I had only five minutes to throw a bag together of items to take out East, it would definitely include: mascara, a Charlie bikini, Havaianas, undies, jean shorts, Ralph Lauren cable sweater and Persol sunglasses,” says Bensimon. “To me, the ‘Hamptons look’ is old guard sophistication with surf infusion.”

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AmNY – Your Summer Style Queries, Solved

Kelly Killoren Bensimon – model, fashion lover and author of the book “I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet” – dishes out style advice to amNewYork’s readers.

I want to get my stylish dad something beyond the typical tie for Father’s Day. Any ideas? I absolutely love the idea of gifting a cool, casual pair of shoes for summer. My faves right now are flip-flops from the brand-new Missoni Loves Havaianas collection and laceless shoes by TOMS. You also can’t go wrong with anything from the men’s store Saturdays Surf NYC (31 Crosby St., 212-966-7875), which sells everything from cool bracelets to fun tees. For the daring dad, go for a custom-made skateboard from Wampum, which opened in Bridgehampton last summer and also has a location in NYC (5 Cleveland Pl., 212-274-1544). Or, for the dad who loves to work out, buy him a pack of classes from the hard-core Barry’s Bootcamp ($150-$1,250,

Missoni Loves Havaianas Flip-Flops, $70; at Bloomingdale’s (main image above)


TOMS Multi Renato Men’s Classics, $54; at




I don’t want my hair color to get bleached out in the sun. How can I keep my locks from getting fried? My rock-star hairstylist, Bradley Irion, suggests using a product like Pureology’s EssentialRepair ColourMax, which basically acts as sunscreen for your hair. It helps to protect the look of your hair, and – more importantly – your scalp from getting burned by the sun. Or, you can simply rub conditioner into your hair prior to hitting the beach or pool. Your tresses absorb the first thing they come into contact with, and you don’t want that to be chlorine.

Pureology EssentialRepair ColourMax, $22; at salons

I have tons of beauty products and makeup, but I only have one tiny vanity in my bathroom. Do you have any cute ideas for storing products so they’re not all over the place? Compartmentalize your mess with cool boxes from Pier 1.




Pier 1 Imports Water Hyacinth Box, $25; at Pier 1 Imports






Shorts and short-skirt season is here, which makes me anxious because I’m not exactly blessed with long, slender legs. What are some tricks to making my legs look longer, leaner and more summer-ready? First off, check out the season’s trendy high-low dresses, which are shorter in the front and drape longer in the back. They are perfect because you don’t have to show off your full leg. They’re the perfect solution because you don’t have to show off your full leg.

If you’re in the mood to do some easy workouts, my favorite trick for long, lean legs is squats. Use 20 pounds and do 30 repetitions. Another simple exercise is leg lifts. These will tone your butt and elongate you legs.



Willow & Clay Striped Skirt, $80; at







I’d like to “summerize” my one-bedroom apartment without buying new furniture or rugs. Any tips for small, chic things I can do to brighten up my space for the season? Head to Target and pick up some cool, colorful towels. Fold them in half and make them into huge pillows. They’ll get your apartment looking like the perfect beach bungalow.

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Gilt City – Washington D.C. Kelly Bensimon Book Signing at A BAR

Meet model and former “Real Housewife” Kelly Bensimon and celebrate her new book “I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet” at A BAR at Avenue Suites.

Access for one : $39

Includes :

  • Admission for one to A BAR at Avenue Suites for Kelly Bensimon’s book party and signing on Wednesday July 18, 2012 from 6:30 – 8:30PM
  • Meet and greet
  • Two cocktails
  • Light bites
  • Signed copy of book “I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet”

2500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington , DC , 20037

Get your Tickets here>>>>

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Washingtonian Q&A: Kelly Killoren Bensimon On Losing 50 Pounds (Twice!) & The Worst Diet She’s Ever Tried

The former Real Housewife of New York City shares what she’s learned about health and wellness in her new book, “I Can Make You Hot: The Supermodel Diet.” By Melissa Romero

Kelly Killoren Bensimon may be best known for the three seasons she spent on The Real Housewives of New York City. But the 44-year-old mom of two, model, and former swimmer is now the author of I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet. Before her book signing tomorrow at the Avenue Suites in Georgetown, Bensimon took some time to chat with us about the health and nutrition secrets she’s learned over the years and the one diet she will never, ever try again.

A 2009 article in Harper’s Bazaar referred to your great legs. What’s your favorite leg exercise?

My favorite leg exercises are squats and lunges. They just really tone up the inner and outer thighs and lift the buttocks, as well. When your butt muscles are toned, your legs look leaner.

What is the worst mistake you’ve made in your life healthwise, and what did you learn from it?

There are two mistakes: One is skipping meals and the other is fasting. Both of those do the same thing—every time you skip a meal or fast, you’re jarring your metabolism, which causes you to gain weight.

See Also

11 Books About Health and Nutrition to Add to Your Reading List

Local experts recommend their favorite reads on health, fitness, and nutrition.

In your book you mention a bunch of diets you tried as a model. What’s the one diet that just did not work at all?

The white diet. I ate oatmeal in the morning and rice at night. I learned about the white diet when I was modeling in Paris. Another model told me if you ate the same thing for two weeks straight you would lose weight. So I told myself, “Let’s mix it up. Let’s do oatmeal in the morning and rice at night,” which did not make me thin. First of all, it was boring. Second of all, I got fat. Fat and bored together are not good.

You recommend to your readers that Sunday should be one’s guilty-pleasure day, the one day a week you get to eat whatever you want. Couldn’t that be a bad idea?

I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to do what you like—it’s a bad idea to do what you like too much. I’m not encouraging you to eat all the hot dogs in your fridge. I am encouraging you to have a hot dog at the game. I’m encouraging you to live your life and make good food choices.

So how do you like to indulge on Sundays?

I love my mom’s Irish soda bread, which she used to make on Sundays after I did well in swim meets. I love the pizza I make with the girls, and guacamole and homemade chips. I love doing anything with my kids, and cooking is a good way for them to learn responsibility and how to take care of themselves, and for us to share and make memories.

You also recommend drinking a warm liquid, such as miso soup, before a meal to feel full faster. How does that work?

When you’re hydrated, you’re less hungry. Miso soup has a lot of sodium, but it’s hydrating, and it helps with digestion and fills you up quicker. But do you need to have a bowl of soup with every meal? No. Instead, you could have a glass of water without ice in it before you start a meal.

You say to exercise for 20 minutes every day. What’s your go-to 20-minute workout?

There are so many great opportunities to work out now. But for me, I’ve always turned to running because it’s super easy. It doesn’t cost anything—you just put on your shoes and go. I also spent a lot of time as a swimmer, and swimming is such a good overall workout.

In your book you say that you lost 50 pounds twice. When did that happen and how did you manage that?

[Laughs] When I got pregnant with each daughter, I gained 50 pounds. Most people in my position would really watch their diet and eat crazy foods and exercise like a maniac. For me, having children and being able to bear children was such an incredible luxury. I wanted to be a vessel for them and not exercise and diet while pregnant. As a result, I gained 50 pounds. Believe me, it wasn’t easy [losing weight] and having an ex-husband photographing models all the time. But for me, wanting to take care of myself is a really big part of who I am. I like to say I lost the weight gracefully—when my one daughter was five months old people were asking me, “Are you still pregnant?” But you know what? I have great, healthy kids, and I’m healthy at 44. I treat my body well, and as a result it looks good.

Bensimon will be at Modus Hotels’ Avenue Suites (2500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW) on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for a book signing. Tickets ($39) are available via Gilt City and include cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and a copy of Bensimon’s book.

Read interview>>

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Shop The SunBarth Souk With Me!

Saturday July 14th, 2012
3:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.
Hosted @ SunBarth Souhthampton
53 Jobs Lane
Southampton, NY 11968

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My 4th of July

This 4th of July was about milestones. Sea had an internship at uberchic clothing store @blueandcream. ‘ I love working,’said Sea. ‘Its what inspires me right now.” She takes her beach bike everyday in between training for swim team and surfing to make unique one of a kind Havaianas in East Hampton. As per usual, I continued to work out at Barrys Bootcamp with my new bestie, Joey. His workouts have really made me feel strong all over, and more confident. And, we made smores every night in my fire pit and caught fireflies. Love you Joey for giving me the energy to enjoy my life to its fullest with no regrets. I took Teddy to a Talent Resources charity polo classic where she said hi to family friend, Countess Luann and Jacques, and tried a virgin Mulberry drink.

She also met polo player Nick Rolan and warned him of the horse poopers. We then visitied my best friends new home thats converted into a barn they found from Wainscott. Its so amazing how creative my friends are, and how appreciative they are of the gorgeous Hamptons. Sunday is always Funday. I took the girls to Montauk Lake for paddleboarding, tubing, and waterskiing. This was a natural lake which became an inlet to the ocean when architect, Carl Fisher took dynamite in 1938 to the natural lake and made it into a now gorgeous ocean filled with amazing sealife, hobe cats, fishing, and waterskiers like me :)

To top off the weekend, we stopped off at Scoop du Jour for an icecream. At home, we made a delicious pizza from Italian Specialities. This is how we spent our 4th. Make as memories as possible. Send me your 4th photos. I cant wait to see what you did.

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My Vegas Trip

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Happy 4th Of July

Here are some fun summer tips to make your 4th even better.

1. Add green apples to your guacamole for that crunch, or use apple slices
instead of chips.

2. Take a something monogrammed as a special gift to your host. Its always nice
to be thought of.

3. Buy from local farm stands and bring fresh corn or ripe tomatoes instead of
potatoe salad.

4. Use tea or lemonade as a base for your drinks. Sweet tea and vodka ala
Palazzo pool in Vegas is amazing, or channel my book ” Can Make You Hot’ with
fresh blueberry’s in lemonade and Hypnotiq (or put in a blender for cooler fun)

5. Smore’s can be a gift thanks to C Wonder. Bring Smores as a gift and get your
dessert on!

From my family to you, Happy 4th.

P.s. Drink responsibly for I care about you :)

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