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AmNY – Kelly Bensimon chats with SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice

Photo credit: Julie Rice, founder of Soul Cycle

Julie Rice, a former Hollywood talent agent living in Los Angeles, moved to New York in 2005, but realized there was one thing from the West Coast she couldn’t find here: a good spin class.

Undeterred, Rice partnered with Elizabeth Cutler (who has since made $74 million with her beverage company IZZE), and founded SoulCycle, the indoor cycling class that has swept the city and picked up a celebrity cult following that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Chelsea Clinton, Kelly Ripa, the Olsen twins and dozens of supermodels.

SoulCycle locations are all over Manhattan as well as in the Hamptons, Connecticut and Scarsdale, with 15 to 20 expected soon thanks to a partnership with Equinox.

We spoke with Rice about what it takes to be a success.

Where did the concept of SoulCycle start? My partner and I were searching for a workout that could be inspiring, challenging and FUN and it did not exist — so we created it.

What’s the inspiration behind the clothing line? When you love your exercise gear, you are more inclined to work out — our line keeps our riders inspired.

What’s your favorite location? I really don’t have favorites, but I live on the Upper West Side so I ride the most at West 77th Street.

How do you pick the causes for charity rides? Philanthropy is incredibly important to SoulCycle and we launched our charity program to support our community and neighbors. We provide charities, both large and small, the opportunity to come together and raise money for much needed causes in a fun and different way.

How do you workout? I ride at SoulCycle 3-4 days a week and I run and do strength training. When I can, I like to spend time outdoors with my kids — my favorite summer workout is my own homemade “bootcamp” on the beach in Fire Island.

What’s on your favorite trainer’s playlist? Rihanna and Robyn.

What are the trends in workout wear for spring? Neons and animal prints.

Lululemon or Nike? SoulCycle!

SoulCycle has mantras. What’s your favorite? “Take your journey,” “change your body,” “find your soul.”

When and where was the last date night you had? Saturday with my husband at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

One trick to your success? Listen to your customers. Take their compliments and complaints seriously. I’ve learned so much standing behind the front desk at SoulCycle. I really take each customer’s advice to heart. I quickly learned if one person doesn’t like something there are usually 50 [others] who feel the same way but are too afraid to say anything.

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Spring Break

I’ve been always been obsessed with Spring Break. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of all seasons, but after a long winter its time to shed the pounds and the clothes. This season after my “Transformation Cleanse”, I felt more confident than ever. My favorite spring breakers are Repettos, CharlieByMz, Melissa Odabash, and Geminola who named a lace cover up after me, called the ‘Kelly’s Happy Spring Break”.

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Mail Online -Just in case you didn’t get a good enough Look! Now Kelly Bensimon struts her sexy stuff for Glamorous Bikini Shoot

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Kelly’s Favorite Fragrances

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The Couch – Former “Real Housewife” Helps Out After Sandy

Kelly at the telethon for Sandy victims on CBS.

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New Jersey in Need!


It was a rainy November day, and my dear friend and NJ native, Greg Kleva asked me to come to Seaside NJ to his hometown high school to see the destruction from Hurricane Sandy 2012. When I arrived at Central Regional High School, I saw more than I had anticipated.

I first met Superintendent Dr. Tom Parlapanides, who welcomed me to the school as if it were his home. I was immediately introduced to the elementary age students who Dr. T, as his students refer to him as, has taken under his wing, literally. Hugh J. Boyd Jr elementary school was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. As of a few weeks ago, Central Regional High school is its new home. There is more than just one thing wrong. The reports and teaching supplies from the elementary school are mold filled, therefore toxic and unusable. Despite all this, the teachers are still making it work with minimal supplies, and the children are traveling sometimes over an hour to get to school every morning. I got the opportunity to sit at the lunch table with some of the children who were very open about not having power for weeks, and how yummy the macaroni was.

One boy hasn’t seen some of his friends in weeks. An average of 20% of the typical students are not at school, yet the ones who can make it, some by taxi, are ready and eager to learn. School is a fundamental part of their life, and these 5 to 11 year olds were hopeful despite the devastation they’ve endured. For now, Central Regional High School is their new home, and Dr. T is their dad. I watched the younger children play with the high school students, and the enthusiasm was contagious. This is the kind of contagion we should be spreading: love and compassion.

NEEDS: dry erase chalk boards, teaching supplies, laptops, pencils, pens and games. Work books, are desperately needed.

HUGH J BOYD Jr Elementary School
c/o Central Regional Highschool
509 Forest Hills Parkway
Bayville, NJ 08721
Tel: 732.269.1100

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Ulta Ultras From Jill Stuart Show

My ULTA ultras for the Jill Stuart 2013 spring fashion show. Check out this gorgeous makeup palette from ULTA. I used the smokey blue eye color, benefit mascara, and the bare minerals lip color for a soft lip.

The Jill Stuart show showed neutrals and straight hair. Maybe I should channel that for the show tomorrow. Thoughts?

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KKB Fashion Week Day 3- Jill Stuart

What an amazing collection. It was new to see longer slimmer skirts, and tones of clothes that were makeup colors like : blush, pale pink, and ruby red. The femininity in lace and the ladylike shapes are still a staple at Jill Stuart. It was exactly what I expected, and exactly who I want to dress like: pretty, soft, yet sophisticated.

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KKB Fashion Week Day 2

Getting ready for down under? Fashion palette had a series of Australian designers who showed in new york. I got to wear Akira a Japanese designer, even photographed me at the Brian Atwood party.

This dress is stunning and the Manolo Blahnik shoes are hot too!

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