Dont Bring Flip Flops Bring Sandals






This past weekend, I spent the weekend opening the new Sandals resort in Exuma with celeb hot shots like Jesse Metcalfe, Jason & Molly MesnickJulia Mancuso, Antonio Sabato Jr, Roxy Olin, Maria Menounos, Tristan (who has a killer voice) and the entire Access Hollywood crew. First, I want to thank Sandals for asking me to wear a top in their beach shack. I love proper etiquette, and found it truly A list when the waitress insisted that both women and men wear a shirt at lunch. Expect excellence, and you’ll get it. I honestly had a blast with everything from running on the beach, drinking beers and singing “DREAMS” by Stevie Nicks in the karaoke bar to playing golf. Between uber athletic himself and awesome executive producer Rob Silverstein and Olympic skier Julia Mancuso’s golf prowess, I almost scored a hole in one on the golf course under their tutorial. I made some great friends, memories, scrubbed my feet with soft white sand, bathed in warm turquoise blue water, and got my behind kicked by rockstar (should be professional soccer player), Maria Menounos. All this fun was for a good cause, the Sandals Foundation which provides funds for environmental and educational programs on the island. We had a blast and raised money and awareness for kids who deserve it. Everyone deserves to smile.  I can’t wipe mine off. 

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