North Fork Classic

Yup, it’s horse show season. Unlike the other uber rich and extremely talented riders, I have two good things going for me. I am athletic, and I leased an incredible horse. Yes, I am so lucky to be able to ride Mary Riva’s horse, RUSH CHAIRMAN BILL

I am so lucky to have an amazing trainer Babi Herrara. I always look forward to this time of year. I started riding at 26, and once I put my bum in the saddle, I never took it out. Last Saturday, I raced over to Bobby Ginsberg’s farm and hopped on “Bill” and into the flat class( no jumps) which was a disaster. I thought I heard, ‘walk’, when they said, ‘trot.’ I then learned my course, and went into the pre-adult 2’6 equitation class. The jumps are low, but my heart races fast. “Will I crash this horse I have only ridden a couple of times? Will he get his lead changes if I don’t ask correctly? Will I make it down the line in the right amount of strides without PULLING?” Are just some of the questions that race through my head. I finished my three courses and had a lot of complaints on my own performance. I hung out with my little Jack Russel, Bear, till the announcer said my name. Again, something is wrong with my hearing, I heard the announcement for reserve champion, and I gave a high five to the rider who I thought rocked the division. She then looked at me after our hands met, and said, “Congrats, YOU were CHAMPION.”


Thank you North Fork Classic, Babi Herrara, Mary Rivas, and to my kiddies for believing in me.

Here comes the Hampton Classic.

Posted on August 25, 2010 by , under HOME


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