KKB’S Holiday Hot List

Bronze Crystal Charlie by MZ Bikini. His shoes are on sale too, and they are SICK.

This years HOT list has nothing to do with what I need, its all what I want. I don’t want workout leggings, or a new exercise bra, I wanna take a huge leap in 2014, one Manolo step at a time. lets not lie to each other, we’ve had a rough financial tome, so instead of crying about what we don’t have, lets buy a few items that will make friend and family SCREAM with jealousy. You can hug it out after they try to take it from you. Some of my favorites are even 70%, so you can hardly feel guilty buy indulging in some hot gold FUN.

Coverup by Melissa Odabash

Coverup by Melissa Odabash

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Last Minute Summer Must Haves 2013

1. My relaunch of my new book on the Hamptons IN THE SPIRIT OF THE HAMPTONS by Assouline.com
2. Anything Denim and Supply like my shorts
3. Patterned cotton shirt from C WONDER: great fit
4. Red nail polish to keep it festive and fun, even with a tan (ESSIE)
5. Gold watch. Rolex is my favorite watch of all time, but I do like Michael Kors watches, too, and SWATCH.
6. Gold hoop earrings from Jennifer Miller
7. Tom Ford bronzer
8. Blueberry fragrance from Jo Malone
9. Bulgari baby bracelet
10. Pinky Ring from Helen Ficalora

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E! Online News – In The Hamptons

Real Housewife of New York Kelly Killoren Bensimon is happy for Bethenny Frankel’s success and spinoff show. No, really.

“I love it when people do well,” she told me during our exclusive interview with her as she showed us around East Hampton. “The better that she does, the better the franchise of Housewives does.”

However, Bensimon did admit that she doesn’t miss the pair’s epic catfights, though she thinks other people do….

“Everybody…every single person…misses the altercations between Bethenny and I,” she told me while showing me around Wolffer Estate Stables (where Sonja Morgan took an on-camera tumble while horseback riding with Kelly). “For whatever reason, they just love the fact that we fight for four minutes of television. Do I miss fighting with her? I don’t like fighting. Do I miss her on the show? She was fun.”

Kelly was in town this weekend for both work and fun. She hosted two parties this past weekend: one charity shopping event and another Havaianas flip-flop fete.

And the busy mom of two shared that she’s currently dating a few eligible men.

“I’m actually just seeing a lot of different people and just doing the dating process,” she shared over cocktails at Cyril’s Fish House in Amagansett after we hit the beach. “I was married for such a long time and then I just took a break from just dating in general to get my feet firmly on the ground…now my girls are good and I’m feeling really good about where I am and life and work and everything and now I’m ready to bring someone into my life and share what I have.”

What’s most important to the single mom is someone who can make her laugh. “I love Jason Segel,” she confessed of her celebrity crush, “Jimmy Fallon is married but I’m obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. I just like really fun, charming guys who are just having a good time and don’t take life too seriously.”

Although she indulged her infamous sweet tooth at Scoop du Jour ice cream parlor during our day out, Kelly said she tries to practice moderation and avoid carbs at night.

“I work out six days a week. I’m either at SoulCycle, which is a forty-five minute class…or I just get my sneakers on and I just go running for twenty minutes,” she explained.

The reality star and model, who already has a jewelry line, is writing a self-improvement book to be released next year featuring 40 of her own recipes.

This isn’t her first time as an author, either. The East Hampton homeowner has already published a book called In the Spirit of the Hamptons.


Watch full Interview

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New Projects

This summer, I have been working on a new book. I have written three books that explore pop culture and social history. Since I am not old enough, and do not have enough monumental memories to have them documented, I stick to what I love: social history, lifestyle, and fashion. My first book published by Assouline called “In the Spirit of the Hamptons” needs an upgrade. When I was 30, I wrote a book exploring a place I love, now I am writing a book about a place where I love to live. How do you start? You compile images, FIRST.  Then, tell the story.


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I’ll never forget the first time, I saw my name on the cover of a book. Writing is a labor of love. Telling the story, compiling images, and creating juxtapositions make books that are not only evocative, but so beautiful, that some people get mesmerized by the content. Working with Assouline publishing has been one of the most amazing opportunities of my life. Their aesthetic for books is so modern. They create books that are like a magazine: amazing images and concise text. My first book spearheaded the series “In the Spirit of the Hamptons“. Martine Assouline taught me an amazing lesson. “Starting” to do anything is one of the biggest hurdles, but for Martine it is one of the most crucial times. “Just start compiling images, and we’ll do it together.” Life is organic and I learned that through creating these books. What I wanted and what I had access to in terms of content and pictures encouraged me to synthesize and not judge. Just start. You never know where that will lead you, and that’s exciting.

Thank you Assouline, here’s to our new project. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

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Hamptons Magazine – J’adore

hapmtons mag

I have a lot of loves, but to be specific, my major loves are : what my kids like to do, where to eat, shop, and what’s an easy way to be “green.” All of my summer favs are listed in my column J’adore. And for those who didn’t know, HAMPTONS Magazine is where I wrote my first column called “In the Spirit of the Hamptons“,  which later graced the title of my first book and became a series for Assouline publishing.

Tweet me @kikilet and tell me what j’adore (you love).

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