Last Minute Summer Must Haves 2013

1. My relaunch of my new book on the Hamptons IN THE SPIRIT OF THE HAMPTONS by
2. Anything Denim and Supply like my shorts
3. Patterned cotton shirt from C WONDER: great fit
4. Red nail polish to keep it festive and fun, even with a tan (ESSIE)
5. Gold watch. Rolex is my favorite watch of all time, but I do like Michael Kors watches, too, and SWATCH.
6. Gold hoop earrings from Jennifer Miller
7. Tom Ford bronzer
8. Blueberry fragrance from Jo Malone
9. Bulgari baby bracelet
10. Pinky Ring from Helen Ficalora

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Wow what a “Lionswar“. Sometimes I don’t know whether I should roll my eyes or countsheep. The Real Housewives of New York Reunion this year got so heated, even our fearless leader “Charlieaka Andy Cohen got ferocious. My mantra for crazy and or boring situations is always wear good shoes.  They are my eye candy, and make me giggle when I look down at my feet and see smokin’ hot sexy Manolo Blahnik’s . My dress which I hunted down was French Connection. Good taste doesn’t have to be expensive!  I wanted something fun, spirited, and hot. I had a great season this year, finally.

I proved on the show that you can have a good season without randomly lashing out at castmates, and acting like Lucille Ball.  It’s ok to be thoughtful, have serious boundaries, and to take care of your friends and family. I don’t need to wear armour to protect my close friends, but I do need my Helen Ficalora necklaces, which have medallions that symbolize what’s important to me: Kids, Family, Friends, Dogs, and Horses. Its ok to be real, its ok to not want to steal crazy thunder, and its always ok to wear hot shoes. So, when you’re in the hot seat, wear your fav shoes.

Nothing is a better diffuser than a hot accessory!

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My Fashion List – Episode 3

1. Black Sheer top with Cream flowers- Loomstate

2. Navy Rogan Blazer, white Rogan T-Shirt, Helen Ficalora Necklaces

3. Black Dress- Ava Maria

4. Navajo Sweeter- Gap, Brown Vest- Rugby, White Collar Shirt- Gap, Jeans-

5. White Collar Shirt- BCBG

6. Dark Gray Lace Zara Dress

7. Black Top- Loomstate

8. Black Top- Zara, Jeans- AG

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My Fashion List – Episode 2



1. Gap White Button Down Shirt, Linea Pelle Bag, Polka Dot Shorts, Helen Ficalora Necklaces, Stainless Air King Rolex Watch

2. White Rogan Blazer, Helen Ficalora Necklaces

3. White Dress Claude Montana, Sneakers Gray Converse, Helen Ficalora Necklaces, Rolex Watch

4. Animal Haven T-Shirt, Helen Ficalora necklaces

5. Long Black Nili Lotan Dress, Black Bottega Veneta Pointy

6. BCBG White Eyelet Shirt

7. Hanii Y Black Blazer, Hanii Y Olive Green Skirt, Nilli Lotan Black Velvet Tank Top

8. Calypso White Top, Gap Jeans

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My Fashion List Of Episode 1

1.  Black Dress Azzedine Alaia

2.  Beige Chiffon Dress Zac Posen

3. Beige Trench- Theory, Black Shiny Leggings- Skweeze Couture , Black Long Sleeve Scoop Neck- JCrew, Air King Stainless Watch- Rolex, Evil  Eye Wrap Bracelet, Red and Gold Knot Bracelet- Masion 24, Necklaces and Pinky Ring- Helen Ficalora

4. Blue Button Down- Gap,  Red and Gold Knot Bracelet- Masion 24, Necklaces and Pinky Ring- Helen Ficalora

5. Green Shirt- Geminola, Black Blazer- Rogan, Red and Gold Knot Bracelet- Masion 24, Necklaces and Pinky Ring- Helen Ficalora

6. Navy and Purple “Kisses” Dress- Jill Stuart,  Hot Pink- Manolo Blahnik

7. White Eyelet Buttondown- BCBG, Red and Gold Knot Bracelet- Masion 24 , Necklaces and Pinky Ring- Helen Ficalora

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Project Sunshine


The greatest thing that has come out of being on a reality show is the platform to be charitable. Before when I attended charities I was replacing my husband who they really wanted to be there. I’d sit in a pretty dress that wasn’t mine and not eat dinner (for I had eaten with my kids) and I’d wait until it was close to dessert and leave. No one cared if I was there or not, or when I arrived or left. Now, I can make donations and am eager to support the charities that mean something to me. So, not only am I having fun and learning about new programs, I am able to contribute something, too.

Project Sunshine makes you want to give. A little time and a smile mean more to these children in hospitals that anything else.  The parents get to take a breather while their child is finally amused by a new friend who just wants to color, read, or play a game.  No strings attached, just fun for a moment. For those who believe that we create our own memories, making a child smile has no price and the memory lasts forever. Thank you Project Sunshine for the amazing event. The room was filled with a lot of love. Let’s try to get America’s landscape colored with love and not cynicism.

Those who walked the “yellow” carpet with me where Eli Manning, Tori Praver, Abigail Breslin, Jesse Palmer, John Legend, David Diehl, and Helen Ficalora. And Ace Greenberg, the head of Bear Sterns, showed me a very clever magic trick. It was the most fun I have ever had on a “yellow” carpet.

Let the sunshine in!

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I Am Obsessed

I have known Helen Ficalora for many years now.  While I was the Editor of Elle Accessories, I was always hunting for the coolest accessories outside of the box.  One day as I walking down the street from my apartment in New York City, I noticed that a new shop went into what was the old Rescue Beauty Lounge. I walked in and saw all these hammered pieces of jewelry that were rooted in an old guard quality, but had an element of feminine Bohemian quality. I bought and “s’ and “t’ monogrammed circle charms for my girls and then decided to buy more charms for my closest friends to remind them of their children everyday. 

From that day on, I have been obsessed with Helen. Originally from Montauk, New York where her family owned the BREAKERS Hotel, there is something deliciously contagious about Helen and her jewelry. Her sensibility is timeless and has a keepsake quality to it. According to Ficalora, her ” focus on technique sets her apart from other contemporary designers. Her jewelry is more than adornment; it brings to life Ficalora’s philosophy of harmony with the environment. Her commitment to beauty pays tribute to the ethos of Louis Comfort Tiffany, using color and texture to luminous effect.” 

Her smile, genuine love of her craft, and those who wear are incredibly unusual. It is usually Helen who is there selling the jewelry whether you know it or not, and that make her even more amazing. She made me a special signet ring for the passing of my favorite horse, and fixed my stunning sapphire necklace so I could wear it everyday, and made me a Mother’s Day necklace with my girls that has a few of my favorite things: kids and horses. She even encouraged me to reset my engagement ring stone and wear the diamond, which was give out of love. I feel truly lucky to be exposed to such amazing and truly talented people. 




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