My 4th of July

This 4th of July was about milestones. Sea had an internship at uberchic clothing store @blueandcream. ‘ I love working,’said Sea. ‘Its what inspires me right now.” She takes her beach bike everyday in between training for swim team and surfing to make unique one of a kind Havaianas in East Hampton. As per usual, I continued to work out at Barrys Bootcamp with my new bestie, Joey. His workouts have really made me feel strong all over, and more confident. And, we made smores every night in my fire pit and caught fireflies. Love you Joey for giving me the energy to enjoy my life to its fullest with no regrets. I took Teddy to a Talent Resources charity polo classic where she said hi to family friend, Countess Luann and Jacques, and tried a virgin Mulberry drink.

She also met polo player Nick Rolan and warned him of the horse poopers. We then visitied my best friends new home thats converted into a barn they found from Wainscott. Its so amazing how creative my friends are, and how appreciative they are of the gorgeous Hamptons. Sunday is always Funday. I took the girls to Montauk Lake for paddleboarding, tubing, and waterskiing. This was a natural lake which became an inlet to the ocean when architect, Carl Fisher took dynamite in 1938 to the natural lake and made it into a now gorgeous ocean filled with amazing sealife, hobe cats, fishing, and waterskiers like me :)

To top off the weekend, we stopped off at Scoop du Jour for an icecream. At home, we made a delicious pizza from Italian Specialities. This is how we spent our 4th. Make as memories as possible. Send me your 4th photos. I cant wait to see what you did.

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E! Online News – In The Hamptons

Real Housewife of New York Kelly Killoren Bensimon is happy for Bethenny Frankel’s success and spinoff show. No, really.

“I love it when people do well,” she told me during our exclusive interview with her as she showed us around East Hampton. “The better that she does, the better the franchise of Housewives does.”

However, Bensimon did admit that she doesn’t miss the pair’s epic catfights, though she thinks other people do….

“Everybody…every single person…misses the altercations between Bethenny and I,” she told me while showing me around Wolffer Estate Stables (where Sonja Morgan took an on-camera tumble while horseback riding with Kelly). “For whatever reason, they just love the fact that we fight for four minutes of television. Do I miss fighting with her? I don’t like fighting. Do I miss her on the show? She was fun.”

Kelly was in town this weekend for both work and fun. She hosted two parties this past weekend: one charity shopping event and another Havaianas flip-flop fete.

And the busy mom of two shared that she’s currently dating a few eligible men.

“I’m actually just seeing a lot of different people and just doing the dating process,” she shared over cocktails at Cyril’s Fish House in Amagansett after we hit the beach. “I was married for such a long time and then I just took a break from just dating in general to get my feet firmly on the ground…now my girls are good and I’m feeling really good about where I am and life and work and everything and now I’m ready to bring someone into my life and share what I have.”

What’s most important to the single mom is someone who can make her laugh. “I love Jason Segel,” she confessed of her celebrity crush, “Jimmy Fallon is married but I’m obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. I just like really fun, charming guys who are just having a good time and don’t take life too seriously.”

Although she indulged her infamous sweet tooth at Scoop du Jour ice cream parlor during our day out, Kelly said she tries to practice moderation and avoid carbs at night.

“I work out six days a week. I’m either at SoulCycle, which is a forty-five minute class…or I just get my sneakers on and I just go running for twenty minutes,” she explained.

The reality star and model, who already has a jewelry line, is writing a self-improvement book to be released next year featuring 40 of her own recipes.

This isn’t her first time as an author, either. The East Hampton homeowner has already published a book called In the Spirit of the Hamptons.


Watch full Interview

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Havaianas Custom Made

Blue & Cream hosted a make your own Havaiana party, and I was one of the lucky invitees. Not only did I get awesome H’s for me, but also a special pair for my kiddies as a present. If you haven’t been to blue and cream, go. And if you don’t know what Havaianas are, get a pair. They are the rite of passage for pret a surf chic.

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