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Blue Haven Heaven

The girls and I took to Montauk for a girls vacation and stayed at the Blue Haven. We walked all over, hung out at the beach, had lemonade ( I had a piña colada) at Surf lodge, ate fried yumminess at the Clam bar, spent the days fishing on the Montauk Viking, where we caught over 100 fish, and we took to the Hampton Classic, where we ran into Sam Edelman and watched the Grand Prix. Last, but not least, we had a bonfire and cooked our catch to celebrate the last day of summer, and the beginning of fall. Memories are what you make, so make sure you make what you want to remember.


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Eye Spy

I SPY a lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things. Katy Rodrigues gives us her five favorite items for FALL 2013. She’s one of the owners of RESURRECTION, the most incredible vintage stores in both New York and LA, and a jewelry designer herself. She’s cool, talented, and got great fabs for FALL. Matthew Zink of CHARLIE is a king in the bikini world. He was the designer for Victoria’s Secret swim and now has his won line that has JLO and Rhianna crazy for him. He gave us a few of his smoking hot suits for the rest of the summer. IF you are going on vacation, look hot, sexy, and very “Charlie.” My best friend lost his iphone. What to do when you lose a phone, check out what I found out. And if you are interested in putting your money where your mouth is, read, GOLDENGIRL of FINANCE’s article on how to be more giving.We are the generation of change with social media, lets do this together, one tweet at a time.

Last but not least, I clue you into the best of Montauk. If you like fishing, laying on the beach, surfing , and seeing Julianne Moore, or the Lauren family, check out Montauk. You won’t be disappointed.


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My Summer DNA

As summer heats up, Id like to explore some things that are an integral part of my DNA. For my summer vacation, I took my 15 year old daughter on a trip to Haiti again to see all the amazing wells that have been put in, even one at an orphanage by Kim Kardashian, and celebrity colorist Chaz Dean of Wen products. We also went to Jacamel where a new school is going to be put so the children in a rural part of Haiti will have incredible education due to Dev Pro, Operation Blessing , and Generosity Water. I even learned how to Cat Daddy with Francia Almendarez from ABC’s Secret Life of an American Teenager, and acclaimed singer Jojo. I also compiled a HOT list of who’s HOT in the Hamptons: you’ll see who they are and why they are HOT. Marley Ficalora brings us the Hamptons skater culture, Sasha Charnin Morrison fashion director of US Weekly clues us into what HOT in fashion right now. And if you love good music and need a little downtime in this heat wave, check out Donna D’ Cruz and her summer hot list.

See you in AmNy and always let me know what you love and don’t love, or what you area dying to hear from those whom I admire so much. Ask away.

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Barry’s Bootcamp – Hamptons Teens & Parents Event

Barry’s Bootcamp
Teans & Parents

Friday August 31st, 2012
3:30 p.m.

If you have a special song request please email Deirdre

For  more information, visit Barry’s Bootcamp Website

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Voted East Coast Cool: The Hamptons’ 10 Most Stylish

Kelly Killoren Bensimon, model and author of I CAN MAKE YOU HOT

While many may know Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York, she’s actually been a Hamptons staple for years. From her dogs to her children to her equestrianism, it’s clear that the Hamptons is Kelly’s home — and where this low-maintenance boho-beauty can truly be herself.

“If I had only five minutes to throw a bag together of items to take out East, it would definitely include: mascara, a Charlie bikini, Havaianas, undies, jean shorts, Ralph Lauren cable sweater and Persol sunglasses,” says Bensimon. “To me, the ‘Hamptons look’ is old guard sophistication with surf infusion.”

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My 4th of July

This 4th of July was about milestones. Sea had an internship at uberchic clothing store @blueandcream. ‘ I love working,’said Sea. ‘Its what inspires me right now.” She takes her beach bike everyday in between training for swim team and surfing to make unique one of a kind Havaianas in East Hampton. As per usual, I continued to work out at Barrys Bootcamp with my new bestie, Joey. His workouts have really made me feel strong all over, and more confident. And, we made smores every night in my fire pit and caught fireflies. Love you Joey for giving me the energy to enjoy my life to its fullest with no regrets. I took Teddy to a Talent Resources charity polo classic where she said hi to family friend, Countess Luann and Jacques, and tried a virgin Mulberry drink.

She also met polo player Nick Rolan and warned him of the horse poopers. We then visitied my best friends new home thats converted into a barn they found from Wainscott. Its so amazing how creative my friends are, and how appreciative they are of the gorgeous Hamptons. Sunday is always Funday. I took the girls to Montauk Lake for paddleboarding, tubing, and waterskiing. This was a natural lake which became an inlet to the ocean when architect, Carl Fisher took dynamite in 1938 to the natural lake and made it into a now gorgeous ocean filled with amazing sealife, hobe cats, fishing, and waterskiers like me :)

To top off the weekend, we stopped off at Scoop du Jour for an icecream. At home, we made a delicious pizza from Italian Specialities. This is how we spent our 4th. Make as memories as possible. Send me your 4th photos. I cant wait to see what you did.

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My Weekend


My weekend is ever changing, and always spontaneous. Sometimes i wish i had a life that was consistent, but that’s not in the cards for right now.
First stop was Barrys Boot Camp. Im obsessed. It feels so good to work all of my muscles, I didnt even know i had. I’m in love with Joey who makes me work so hard, and jam out to amazing music. Its one hour I dont regret. I showered in two seconds and scarfed down my favorite Dragon Bowl from Babettes in East Hampton.

CWonder invited me to their new store in Southampton to sell my new book ‘I Can Make You Hot’. It was such a blast for their store is so colorful and fun. And they made me a monogrammed bag that I am obsessed with. Monogram anything and everything. Its a great way to personalize what you love, like jean shorts. I then headed Bridgehampton with my girls and at the party there was a pizza truck. Only in the Hamptons do they have pizza trucks that stop by your house, whatever happened to the icecream man who came to our house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I loved him. Sunday was a really fun day packed with paddleboarding, fried shrimp from the Clam Bar, and icecream from Scoop Du Jour

Hope you had a happy weekend, send me your picts of your weekend!

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My Home

Simple ways to amp up your home for summer :

- White Couches

- Print your Favorite Pics

- Ping Pong Table is the new Pool Table

- Flowers are the best Decoration ( I personally love Jasmine plants)

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Hamptons Magazine 2012

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