Red Hot Sexy Fall 2014





Get RED HOT SEXY for FALL 2014. Im tired of flip flops, let the fall begin with smoking hot RED.
Here are a few of my favorite things you NEED to have ASAP.
1. HELMUT LANG Angora red Skirt $495
2. HELMUT LANG Plush fur coat ( not Red, but RED HOT) $2295
3. REPETTO red patent ballet flats $ 270 available at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE
4. DELFINA DELETTREZ red lips from Opening Ceremony


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AmNY – Look Pretty in Pink for Spring 2014

Photo credit: Isabel Marant has chic pink pieces for spring. (Getty Images/Miguel Medina)

Photo credit: Isabel Marant has chic pink pieces for spring. (Getty Images/Miguel Medina)

New York Fashion Week starts on Thursday and will show off the trends for fall 2014. But before that happens, it’s time to think about spring, which is blooming with color. From powder pink to hot pink, pink is the new black.

Designer Alexander Wang is offering powder-pink platform shoes for spring, Zac Posen showed a fantasy of blush pink on his New York runway and even Nike has hot-pink sneakers.

You might want to forecast spring 2014 on Valentine’s Day by wearing all pink. It’s irresistible.

Here is what I think is pretty in pink:

Bright-pink agate coasters from Calypso St. Barth

Hermes’ Bolide toiletry case, part of the designer’s baby collection, to hold all of your little one’s essentials

A large pink bag by Balenciaga

Nike’s pink-and-gray sneakers

Missoni’s hot-pink carryall

Beauty products from MAC’s floral-inspired A Fantasy of Flowers collection

Isabel Marant’s ruffled miniskirt

Uniqlo’s pink cashmere sweaters

Zac Posen’s blush dress

Marc Jacobs’ pink chronograph watch

A pale-pink pump from Elie Saab

view AmNY Article >>

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American Horror Story: Does Death Become Us?

We’ve seen actresses as muses for the fashion, but now film is taking over. Hitchcock scared us with the BIRDS, and lured us with REAR WINDOW’s golden locks and 50s elegance that the everywoman craves as the female ‘ideal.’ The coven in the horror television series AMERICAN HORROR STORY produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk is changing those angelic ideals. The entire season is fashion driven with the likes of designers like Jimmy Choo, and Alexander Wang’s collection sprawled all over the screen. Myrtl, the witch was burned in a Balenciaga red gown. Even, her last words were,” Balenciaga…”

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FENDI Baguettes

Are you ready for the chicest and most expensive accessory this season. its a super must have,and everyone wants one. the FENDI baguettes are back and ready to take on the chicest New Yorkers. Even our famed Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing them. $1000-$4,000

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Isabel Marant hits H&M

The cool French girl is in New York. Her metallic bombers, sequin pants, and leather lace ups are exploding all over 5th ave. Get a tee, if you can. French is cool.

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Azzedine Alaia

Tunisian born couturier Azzedine Alaia is the king of womens wear. The Galliera Museum in Paris hosted a retrospective of his incredible body hugging designs that have been worn by everyone from Grace Jones and Gisele to reality star Kim Kardashian.

I met Azzedine when I was just turned 16 years old in Mauritius. He gave me one of his first designs. My mother also had purchased one of his suits at Holt Renfew in Canada. It was love at first sight. I had just had my hair cut for Italian Vogue lingerie shoot, and in a bucket of tears he told me how beautiful I was.As a model I did fitting for his designs, was even there for his first meeting to collaborate with Louis Vuitton, and even had two wedding dresses and my brides maids dresses made by him. I bought him a Mastiff he named ‘Chamsy’ and have been in such awe of him since the minute I met him. He gave my first roommate Stephanie Seymour the most beautiful leather dresses and I wore the “bandage ” dresses that Herve Leger watched Alaia make when he was working in his atelier. He’s a genius, and known as ‘papa” to the most beautiful women in the world.

Im so sad that I couldn’t be in Paris to revel in his talent, but all I have to do is lay on the floor of my closet and smile at all the beautiful dresses he’s given me. The most amazing man in the world.



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Paul Andrew

Shoe crazed!

Get ready for Fall 2013 and the hotted boots of the season. Yes, Im still a Manolo Blahnik stiletto fans, but Im a having a 60′s chic moment with Paul Andrew’s smoking hot Tyrannus suede boot that comes in black and suede at Barney’s New York for a mere $1300. When in fashion doubt this Fall, go for the 60s and let the sex emote from your pores. Don’t give it away, just show the men around you , you’ve got it. They always want something they can’t have. Purrrrr

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Everyone has to wake up in the morning and endure what to wear. My go to is the idea of a uniform. I love blazers, for I feel that even with a tank, I look polished. My love for fashion came from my mother who had gorgeous long black hair and was impeccably dressed. Im convinced it was her early American Airline stewardess years, where she stuffed high heels in her bag, and was told to use them as a weapon if need be.

My uniform inspired by the simplicity of my mother and the European stylists who always wore ballet flats cropped black trousers and a boat neck sweater inspired me to create my uniform. Here it is:

1. Balenciaga Black Pants
2. BLKDNM Blazer
2. Repetto Ballet Flats
3. Manolo Blahnik Heels
4. Azzedine Alaia sexy black dress
5. JCrew white mens shirt

Im not encouraging you to buy designers, but if you stick to a uniform you can always deconstruct it.

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Darrel Hartman

Check out my great friend, writer, and Yale grad. Yes he’s all that, and now JCrew made him a supermodel writer.

His travel blog is definitely worth checking out.

heres our supermodel… Tumblr link.

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Platforms will always be here. When you’re short and need length they work, when you need something with a cushion-they help. People constantly want to “croak” this trend. I don’t know why. But I say they’re here to stay and offered in so many different types of lifts, you will now have to reprogram your mind to figure out just how high or low you want to go.
Here’s a fall sampling of my favorites:


Reality bites sometimes. I fell in the street this summer. I fell in flats. Yes I did. I wasn’t texting and walking. I was trying to get to Loehmanns and I fell on west 73rd street breaking (it’s not as bad but easier for story purposes) my right foot. So my summer/preFall will be in these medicinal marvels. $50. And giving me a wee bit of a lift because I can’t wear my Adidas
Slides with everything.$50.


The silver semi “Ferragamo” inspired, Art Deco shoe with a lug sole-any lug sole-makes me always feel like a sexy truckdriver. My favorite Alaia’s have a lug sole. Which you need in NY. Strapped up, down…The pavement is so hard and you’re always walking…it’s a way to look badass and elegant. @Prada stores soon. Waiting list open. I will be buying these anyway. My Prada size never changes and ill slip these on when I’m healed and no one else will be wearing!

Prabal Gurung for Casadei

Sex on a stiletto! this is a slice of heaven. Slim platform, olive, crazy buckles another contraption. Gawd. These make me INSANE! @Barney’s NY at store now!

Sam Edleman Boots

These are a replica of a Balenciaga boot. The Olsen twins (both)wore the original one and I missed out on it then and now it’s back and under $100. I think these are haute and I would feel like an Olsen who are my style icons. @century21 stores but RUN

Alexa Wagner

One sad thing this summer about basically breaking my foot is not being able to wear my new Alexa Wagner platforms. I had plans to pair a summer shoe with tights and contrast for fall but I won’t be back on heels for a while if I want to walk again. Anywhoo-these are so beautiful. High. But so GORGEOUS on the foot. Give your leg quite a line. An elongated calf even if you don’t have legs for days. (If your calf is very wide you probably will shy away from it.) I love news and this is where it’s at. @Far Fetch (Online order)

Paul Andrew

I just think these are outstanding. He adds a small pad in the shoe as he knows women suffer to be sexy. Small platform is manageable. These are like little works of art that you can walk in. I love the colors. I love the mix. I adore the design. He’s such a pro and used to design for Donna Karan-now he’s all on his own. Made in Italy (for real) Keep watching.
@saks Online

courtesy of Sasha Charnin Morrison
Us Weekly Magazine

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