After the Earthquake, Haiti suffered, but the people of Haiti lived with hope. Its my third time to Haiti and every time I come back, my biggest reflection is not what Generosity Water or Operation Blessing are going to do for this amazing culture, but how this culture survives while smiling. They want for nothing and need everything. Its an impressive culture. The Bassin at Jacamel has the most gorgeous water, Rebo coffee and Vanilla extract is delicious and strong in flavor. the jewelry is incredible, and the wood work and furniture is unbelievable. WIth all that talent, now I see why they smile. They have hope despite adversity. Thank you to all the donors who have supported me in my clealn water initiative,and thank you Generosity Water and to Operation Blessing with your amazing fish farm. You are bringing a school to Jacamel with Dev Pro, so now they have water, educated, and are learning to fish to feed their country. Im humbled and grateful for the beauty I have been exposed to.

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Generosity Water – Trip To Haiti

Kelly Killoren Bensimon”

Kelly Bensimon from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York” visits Haiti with Generosity Water from Feb 15-17, 2011.

In this video Kelly is in one of the largest tent cities in Haiti called Camp Canara where nearly 10,000 people moved after the earthquake and have to walk miles every day to find water. Kelly is passionate about helping people have access to clean and safe drinking waster and has been actively involved in raising money to fund multiple wells in Haiti.

Click here to Support Kelly on this Project!

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