Downtown Magazine NYC – Meet Downtown’s Multi-tasking & Multi-talented Mega Mothers

Kelly Killoran Bensimon: Real Housewives of New York Star What drove you Downtown? My first apartment when I came to New York as a model was at 14 Prince Street. What inspired your jewelry line? I was lucky to travel a lot at a young age. Travel is a wonderful education and I was exposed to many different cultures. It was clear to me that each culture had a definitive style. I use what I’ve learned as inspiration.

What’s your advice for other moms? Life is an organic experience. Don’t be concerned with your five-year plan. Be excited by your life’s plan.
Do your children love what you do? They love the creative aspect of my work, and they see how diligent and pragmatic I am. I don’t want them to love what I do. I want them to be inspired by the opportunities I’ve made.

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