My Hamptons

New York is where I work and the Hamptons is where I live and play. Kids, dogs, and horses are the focal point of our existence at what we call “the beach.” Since I was 16, I have always had an affection for the Hamptons but for reasons you may not expect. I love the “soft light” artists adore, I love the sunset that casts a rose hue all over the sky, and the respect that the bonackers and the socialites, fisherman and businessmen have for each other.  People are people in the Hamptons.  The pretense is left as you pass get off the expressway.

Welcome to my Hamptons.

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Plum T.V.

Here’s a sneak peek at the real Kelly Killoren Bensimon: kids, dogs, and horses.  They don’t make dramatic tv, but they do make memories no one will ever want to forget.

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Kids, Dogs, Horses, & Pickups


Yes, I love cars, all kinds of cars. I got my first Dodge Ram when I was landscaping my yard at my beach house. It was black. I even bought a real Christmas tree, carted it home in my Ram, decorated it, and planted it after. Since I had children, I have been so much more concerned about the environment, and the waters. My girls and I want to be GREEN and BLUE, not BLACK. Going GREEN isn’t inexpensive, and not everyone is on the “Get Green” train. Hopefully, DODGE RAM will become more green like CHEVY and the hybrid Silverado. Until then, my girls and I will take the truck on limited runs to the beach and back. I am looking for a new car, but my favorites: BMW 635 csi, and 110 Land Rover DEFENDER will have to come in another lifetime unless they come out on the market with hybrid versions. I really like cars, but I embrace the future of my girls even more.

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“The New Kind of Mom”



Dog training.

Since my girls are 9 and 11, I decided it was the perfect time to hire a superstar dog trainer, Jenny Chun, to teach my girls and my dogs how to live harmoniously together.

We learned the fundamentals like sit, trade, or the “cookie” game, but we all loved the training game “hide and seek” the best. What a great way to get your dog to come! You hide for them and have them come find you and when they do, they get a treat and lots of love. Dogs, like people need to be stimulated not only physically, but also mentally. It was so sweet to watch my girls and dogs learn so quickly. Thanks Jenny for bringing my family even closer!

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