Are You Completely Bare?

I want you accessorized from head to toe. First, I want to thank my wonderful friend,Cindy Barshop, for hosting my jewelry party at her Completely Bare Bond St.  location in New York City. Also for  amNY for promoting the party in the June 30th Issue. My girls and I had a blast!  I was so proud to have my first “step and repeat” ( the backdrop that has the name of the sponsors). We actually took it home with us. My kids helped sell jewelry while they ate cupcakes by Melissa. Cocktails poured by Svedka Vodka and the Teaologist went fast. Also in great demand was advice from ‘Bonding over Beauty’ author Erika Katz. My daughter even told me to ‘shh’ while she was getting the author’s autograph.”  And if all of that wasn’t fun, we got to see Willow Smith come out of her black Escalade. She had on cool Converse knee socks and customized Vans.Teddy, my youngest and my fashionista, focused on the socks. Willow Smith who sang “ I Whip My hair” strutted into her Bond St. apartment.  Thank you to my little girls, to my “rockstar” assistant Kim Thompson, my design team L’Noir, Cindy, Completely Bare, Talent Resources, Erika Katz, and my wonderful and supportive friends. 


If you love my jewelry its sold at Wink, W hotels, and DASH. Visit my shop for more info.
KKB Style : My dress is DVF and my shoes are Manolo Blahnik, pearls (35$) are from the Beach at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica

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Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon,Hoda Kotb

Kelly Bensimon,Nigel Barker

A close friend of mine happens to be the CFO of Sony, and the master marketing mind behind the new SONY DashHoda Kotbe from the Today Show, Jon Bon Jovi, Nigel Barker, Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Dylan Lauren, among other notables crowded around the new innovative social networking gem at CNN’s BIG IDEA Donny Deutch’s apartment. At first glance, I thought Deutch’s killer art collection, was going to be the thought I was going home with, but it honestly was the Dash. I can listen to music, read a Facebook status, and read Perez Hilton’s Blog  all in one touch. Rob Weisenthal, I knew you were smart, but the Dash is brilliant!

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