Give Local Yard Sale

A few weeks ago, I bought my daughters new beds to update their bedrooms in New York City. What was I going to do with all these beds? Then I started looking around. Uh oh! The girls and I decided that we needed to have a yard sale. So, we asked Georgica Creek Antiques in Wainscott if we could have a yard sale there. The girls needed poster boards, so I went to the Container Store, got some poster boards and storage boxes, and then started the process. The closets, the basement, the toys, the kid’s clothes, the furniture. Whatever we didn’t use, went to the sale. Last Chance Animal Rescue Fund came and brought beautiful dogs they saved, the girls had their lemonade stand which profited the East Hampton Library, and 100 percent of my proceeds from my yard sale are going to Island Harvest, “The work of Island Harvest is clearly essential to combating hunger on Long Island.” – Dr. Pearl Kamer, LI Association Chief Economist. To donate to Island Harvest . I am so proud of my girls for donating their time, to Georgica Creek Antiques, and to all of my friends who helped me so much. We had a blast and did something good for someone else unsolicited.

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F Is For Fashion




Photos by Jason Kempin/Getty Images 


I have been going into Anthropologie for years. Yes, I am decorating obsessed, but I really am desperate to make a home out of a house. Chandeliers, electic doorknobs, and duvets that scream, “cuddle” and artists collaborations from dishes to textured wall treatments make Anthropologie literally my decorating haven. The ethnic mix combined with the dainty femininity, creates and defines style in my opinion. I feel like I am walking around my dream home when I am in the store. Not to mention, the clothing is uber chic. Check out the new store on 15 and 9th in New York City and get inspired. Buy something as simple as a cup or a fragrance and you’ll walk away with lifestyle inspiration, not just a purchased item.

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