Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend I was invited to go to Las Vegas for the new Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soleil show at Aria hotel. It was insane to be in the same theatre as Neal Patrick Harris, Christina Hendricks, Wynonna Judd, and Regis Philban all among other super well known celebs. When I got the chance to talk to them I forgot that in fact I did not know them, I have only seen them on TV. I had to laugh realizing they were complete strangers!

viva elvis 2 200210

viva elvis 2 200210

viva elvis 2 200210


After the amazing show and private dinner for 35 at Sirio (who had the most delicious and fresh fish) we all went to HAZE and I hit a wall. It was 12pm Vegas time, and I couldn’t stay awake despite all the oxygen they pump into the casinos. Besides, the next day I had a book signing and I was more excited about that than endless Vodka and RedBull.

630am. Wham. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. I was up, even my eyes were wide awake. Something is definitely in the air. I went on a run around Vegas and down the strip. It is definitely the adult Disney and I spotted a few places such as Diablos, that I decided I had to hit before leaving.

At City Center (which in my opinion is the chicest mall in the country), I had my Assouline book signing for my three books: In the Spirit of the Hamptons, the Bikini Book, and American Style. It was so flattering to have so many people come and celebrate my books and my Playboy cover. We even had a Playboy bunny as a waitress!


Kelly Killoren Bensimon's books


After the signing, I went directly to Diablos to try the Hurricane. Malibu, Tequila, and some special concoction. It was delicious and ginormous.

After a quick change, I went to the Venetian/Palazzo to the champagne bar to sit and relax for a second. Gambling stimulated me, and now yummy bubbly relaxed me.

Playboy Bunny and Kelly Killoren Bensimon


I then went to Lavo for dinner. The Caesar salad was one of the best I have ever had. The seafood platter was never ending, and the seabass tasted as yummy as butter.

We then went to the club and danced like crazy in a packed club filled with the most beautiful dancers, two girls were dancing in a tub!!

Vegas was non stop excitement. I can’t wait to go back. Work hard, play hard.

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