Am New York : Bringing All-American Glamour Back


This week, I shot the cover photo for my upcoming book — “I Can Make You Hot” — which St. Martin’s Press  is releasing in spring 2012.

For me, being “hot” is having confidence and taking leaps of faith without regret. For the St. Martin’s art director, Ervin Serrano, inspiration came from some photos taken by Seth Sabal, which evoke the new all-American girl: great hair, great smile, fresh feeling, and an easy and relaxed look.

All this book-cover image talk got me thinking about bringing the idea of the iconic all-American ’70s “Breck Girl” (of shampoo-commercial fame), back to the streets of New York in a modern way.

Some of my favorite pieces for reinventing the “Breck Girl”: H&M sequin styles, a fedora by Theory, Rogan’s Svelte Skinny Jeans, Prada oxford loafers, ’40s-inspired sapphire-blue silk blouses from Calypso St. Barth, and or red patent Repetto ballet flats (which my ex-husband got for me on his trip to Paris – so thoughtful!).

When wearing these styles, fashion lovers, make sure you always channel cool .

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