I’ll never forget the first time, I saw my name on the cover of a book. Writing is a labor of love. Telling the story, compiling images, and creating juxtapositions make books that are not only evocative, but so beautiful, that some people get mesmerized by the content. Working with Assouline publishing has been one of the most amazing opportunities of my life. Their aesthetic for books is so modern. They create books that are like a magazine: amazing images and concise text. My first book spearheaded the series “In the Spirit of the Hamptons“. Martine Assouline taught me an amazing lesson. “Starting” to do anything is one of the biggest hurdles, but for Martine it is one of the most crucial times. “Just start compiling images, and we’ll do it together.” Life is organic and I learned that through creating these books. What I wanted and what I had access to in terms of content and pictures encouraged me to synthesize and not judge. Just start. You never know where that will lead you, and that’s exciting.

Thank you Assouline, here’s to our new project. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

Posted on June 21, 2010 by , under HOME


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