Charlie by Matthew Zink Bikini Favorites

paradise andie bikini

mixed blues charlie bikini back

lipstick paulina bikini

mixed animal charlie bikini

Matthew Zink’s Top 5 List

1. Black Paulina One-piece: I love a simple black onepiece. I think it is absolutely timeless. This one has a beautiful twist back, plunging neckline and a higher cut leg to add inches to your legs.

2. Paradise Andie Bikini: When I hand painted our “Paradise Print” I based my inspiration on Irving Penn’s book “Flowers”. The bikini features gold box chain trim that makes this a perfect summer string bikini.

3. Mixed Blues Charlie Bikini: I think everyone looks handsome in blue. Our classic Charlie Bikini mixes 3 different blues for a youthful and irreverent choice.

4. Lipstick Paulina Bikini: This is one of my most sensual designs to date. Our Paulina bikini wraps around your body and truly celebrates a womans body with it’s lines and movement. And in our perfect lipstick red.. you’ll be sure and get a lot of admirers.

5. Cognac Rita Bikini: This suit is based on a picture my mother sent my father in the 1960′s when he was fighting in the Vietnam War. It definitely has the same elegance and sophistication that may mother has always carried. And you’ll love this cognac color, so warm on the skin.

6. Mixed Animal Charlie Bikini: I am a slave to a great animal print. This suit features a mix of our Charlie Baby Leopard, Zebra, and Cognac Dot. I hope this suit can help you channel your inner Bianca Jagger.

Get all of the Bikini Collection from Charlie by MZ on Kelly’s official page by Charlie here >>

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White HOT!

So, you are probably wondering why the author of the Bikini Book is wearing a one piece. I was searching on google for some hot summer inspiration and I came across some insane pictures of Raquel Welsh in a white one shoulder one piece, and I decided to show off my assets and not my ?!!??!! Like most reality stars do.

And it just so happened my friend and owner of Maui based swimsuit company Letarte  makes a sick version of the RW white one piece.
Summer is approaching fast, so instead of trying to get thin, get Hot by eating well, living well, and wear a one piece.

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Beach Babe

I was down in Miami for the Spiegel swim party and i fell in love with a new bikini called “Underest” .

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What’s Next?

Everyone keeps asking me what’s next. I don’t like to count my chickens before they are hatched, so I have been keeping a low profile until TMZ “outed” my new jewery line. I wear what I make, and here’s a sneak peak of me at the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale in my YSL sunglasses, Tomas Maier bikini, and my new jewelry( cuffs/earrings). Hope you like the new line. It will soon be available on my onlineshop, so stay tuned.

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